26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Hula
Join Year : 2011(17th)
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Yutaka Hula Okayama

Yutaka Hula Halau


Yutaka Hula Halau! This is our 7th participation from the “land of sunshine”, Kurashiki, a city located at the southern part of Okayama. Although this will be the very first stage performance for many of our team members, we will be enjoying the Hawaii’s Pacific Harmony.

24HF-Puanani-Kobayashi-Hula-School Aichi

Puanani Kobayashi Hula School


It is our 8th time joining the Honolulu Festival. We believe that the Aloha Spirit is very important in dancing hula, which we enjoy from the bottom of our heart. Please come see us and show your Aloha Spirit!

2019 Tokyo

Anela. Hula Studio


ALOHA! We are the Anela Hula Studio / Merahi Purotu! We perform at events, mainly in Tokyo throughout the year. We always dance happily with a wide range of age groups from 3 to 85 years old.

2014 Tokyo

Yuka & Studio Pili Aloha


Our group is based in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. Our members’ ages range from very young to old. Smile*Joy* Thankfulness… these are very important keywords in living a full life. We express these feelings through the hula. We love Hawaii! This is our 6th time to participate in the Honolulu Festival. We are so happy to be able to dance on this stage once again!!!

101_2825811_komakikei-abc-HF25 Ibaraki

Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Halau


We are the “Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Hālau” from Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture. This will be our 17th time to perform at the Honolulu Festival. We practiced very hard for this event! Once again, we will do our best!

24HF-Halau-Hula-O-Moanikeala Tokyo

Halau Hula O Moanikeala


It is our great pleasure to perform at the Honolulu Festival. We hope our hula delivers smiles to audiences. Please enjoy!

2012 Niigata

Hula Phoenix Nagaoka


We are proud to represent Nagaoka, the newest sister city of Honolulu, known as the birthplace of Naval Marshal General and the Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet of Japan, during World War II, Isoroku Yamamoto. We are also known for our anecdote of the hundred bags of rice and the Nagaoka sanjaku-dama, the largest single firework in Japan. Performing members are volunteers from the Nagaoka Aloha Club.

2012 Ehime



We come from Dougo-Matsuyama,Shikoku Island. We are hula girls who love Hawaii and hula. This will be our third time to participate in the Honolulu Festival. We will perform a hula full of energy and intensity under the beautiful blue skies of Hawaii. Please enjoy our performance!

23HF Hula O Pohai Ke Aloha Tokyo



We are from the Hula Studio “Hula O Pohai Ke Aloha” in Tokyo. We are very excited to participate the event since this is the first time in two years. We have been working very hard. We are looking forward to dancing on the stage.

2011 Niigata

Hula Halau o Poliahu


Our group consists of students between the ages of 3 and 90. We get together 3 to 4 times a month to share our hula with people in our community. It is part of our volunteer work. We learn the meaning of aloha, of Hawaii’s culture and history through hula. Poliahu is the name of a Hawaiian snow goddess.