25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
Genre : Traditional Performance
Join Year : 2018(24th)
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24HF-Kitsuke-Mie Mie

kitsuke Mie

Traditional Performance

We offer courses on how to dress in a traditional kimono properly and comfortably. We also organize kimono fas […]

G-9 Han Ul Korea

Han – UI

Traditional Performance

We are a traditional percussion band from Korea, and the name is HAN-UI. We belong to Natural Science College […]

noimage_mini Kyoto


Traditional Performance

“The Night of Myths and Japanese Immigrants” – We will recite Japanese myths in commemoration of the 150th ann […]

24HF-Honolulu-Daijayama-Booster-Group Fukuoka

Honolulu Daijayama Booster Group

Traditional Performance

Four basic elements of Honolulu Daijayama are: making a float, fireworks, chants and dancers. Toward the 25th […]

2015 Hawaii

Hawaii Shibashukai

Traditional Performance

Hawaii Shibashu Kai was founded in 2010 by Kasuga Toyoshibashu, Shamisen instructor from Japan and performed S […]

24HF-japan_nankin_tamasudare_association Hyogo


Traditional Performance

We perform both nationally and internationally in order to showcase Nankin Tamasudare, a traditional Japanese […]

24HF-Hirosaki-Neputa Aomori

Hirosaki Neputa Manji Kai

Traditional Performance

“Neputa” has been designated as a significant and intangible folk cultural asset in 1980. At prese […]

24HF-Hawaii-Kokuseiryu-Shiginkai Hawaii

Hawaii Kokuseiryu Shiginkai

Traditional Performance

Hawaii Kokuseiryu Shigin-kai(Group) is one of the Shigin Groups in the United States, established 50 years ago […]



Traditional Performance

Saitama Ryujin Matsuri Kai is promoting community revitalization through the symbol of Saitama called “Ryujin” […]