26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Dance/Performance
Join Year : 2007(13th)
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International Flower Association


The International Artist Association is an international friendship association consisting of floral artists. We make flower arrangements as a new form of Japanese culture around the world, such as Hawaii, NY and Paris. Please enjoy our floral parade!




We are the Sonoda Gakuen High School from Amagasaki, Hyogo, and this is our 14th time participaring in the Honolulu Festival. This year, about 300 sophomores perform the dance at the Grand Parade they have been practicing for a year. Please enjoy their cheerful and energetic dance!




We dance Yosakoi in hope of a wonderful world, “Yoi yo sa koi.” The dance is also transmitted throughout the world as “Izanai.” This dance fascinates many people. This year we also get the chance to have cultural exchange with the people of Hawaii. Our dance of love transcends all borders and generations.


Sakuragawaryu Edogei Kappore


Kappore is a dance that was usually performed at traditional banquet parties. It became popular in Japan through parade performances. The fun dance is highlighted by performers shouting “Kappore, Kappore” in unison as they kick up their heels.




We are juniors from Takaoka Ryukoku High School in Toyama Prefecture. We will be participating in the the Honolulu Festival’s Grand Parade as part of our school excursion experience. We will be performing YOSAKOI at the parade. We ask that you cheer for us alongside the parade route.


Samurai SPIRITS Furinkazan Karate-do


Anyone can do it. Anyone can be strong and anyone can be healthy. Our school puts emphasis on Karate and its hand movements as a method of self-defense, not as a competition. We practice breathing and self-defense movements while aiming at improving our body and mind at the same time. Along with our training, we exchange friendship in order to attain a better life.


Toba-City Tourist Association


Ise Shima, Toba City is a popular vacation destination in Japan. We perform our new image song and dance of Toba City, famous for pearl cultivation. The pearl is treasured as a good luck gem to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary.


Music Line Kotomu


We are members of Music Line Kotomu and treasure the sound of acoustic taishogoto. In Japanese “music” translates to “happy sound”. And that is exactly what we strive towards, to make music fun and worthwhile. The joy of performing, the joy of friendship, the joy of life. Such joys and more are the wishes that we strive towards through the sound of taishogoto and our group Kotomu. Our members range from 6 to 90 years of age. Each of us enjoy taishogoto in our own way. It is our way of life. We want more people to love and appreciate this small instrument. Please listen to the magnificent tremor and echo of the gentle strings.




Participating from the first Honolulu Festival, this group loves to share the artistry and beauty of its mikoshi with audiences. We were born to carry mikoshi!


Tonosama Ren


We will perform the renowned Awaodori dance, the pride and joy of our homeland, Tokushima Prefecture in the Shikoku region.Tonosama Ren is outstandingly skillful and popular among the many celebrated dance groups. The male dance is dynamic and aggressive, whereas the female dance is elegant and flawless. We do our best to dance wholeheartedly to preserve the Awaodori tradition for the next generation. This effort is shown not only for our homeland Tokushima but also for worldwide peace. Please enjoy Awaodori to your heart’s content. Watch as music and dance become one.