25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
Genre : Hula
Join Year : 2010(16th)
Area : -
Keyword : -
2014 Tokyo

Anela. Hula Studio


Aloha! We love Hawaii and it has always been our desire to dance on Hawaii’s stage and promote cultural exchange. We have practiced hard for this moment. We hope that you will enjoy our dance. We will dance with aloha in our hearts.

6031 Hauoli ohana Aichi

Hau’oli ‘Ohana Hula Halau


The hula energizes our body and relaxes our mind. Also, it makes our life rich and colorful. This year will be our 4th time to participate at the Honolulu Festival. We will enjoy performing on stage with a lot of smiles.

2014 Tokyo

Yuka & Studio Pili Aloha


Our group is based in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. Our members’ ages range from very young to old. Smile*Joy* Thankfulness… these are very important keywords in living a full life. We express these feelings through the hula. We love Hawaii! This is our 6th time to participate in the Honolulu Festival. We are so happy to be able to dance on this stage once again!!!

21HF komaki kei Ibaraki

Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Halau


We are Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Halau from Mito, Ibaraki, where it is famous for Mito Kōmon. This will be our 16th time to perform at the Honolulu Festival. Once again, we will do our best!

24HF-TAMA-Hawaiian-Hula Tokyo



This group was formed 18 years ago with the desire to “shine forever” as our motto. We keep dancing for the sake of healthy mind and body through hula and ukulele. We look forward to being able to dance feeling the Hawaiian breeze. MAHALO

24HF-Pikake-Leilani-Hula-Halau Nara

Pikake Leilani Hula Hālau


It’s the 7th time we join the Honolulu Festival. We are on a hula training trip consisting of performing at the Ala Moana Center and the Grand Parade, as well as socializing with kumus. We hope to further promote the tie with Hawaii, and live a fulfilling life through hula.

2012 Ehime



We come from Dougo-Matsuyama,Shikoku Island. We are hula girls who love Hawaii and hula. This will be our third time to participate in the Honolulu Festival. We will perform a hula full of energy and intensity under the beautiful blue skies of Hawaii. Please enjoy our performance!

2012 Kanagawa

Kaiulani Hula Community


Our groups practice in three completely different areas in Yokohama, Sagamihara and Shizuoka. But it doesn’t matter that we are separated because we are truly connected as one with the same “I love Hula!” spirit. We will do our best with our hearts unified as one and enjoy this moment. Please cheer for us!

2012 Fukuoka

Hui Hula Papa Lina Mori


It is a wonderful opportunity to dance on this grand stage in Hawaii, we are delighted and afraid at the same time. When we think about it, our hearts beat rapidly. We have practiced as much as we can in a short period of time since we decided on participating in the Honolulu Festival. Although inexperienced, we will do our best. Please cheer for us.

2011 Toyama

Lani Hula Hoa Uozu


We are from Toyama Prefecture and practice the traditional art of hula at Shinjoji Temple. Our goal is to treasure the cultural heritage of hula and to understand the true meaning of Hawaiian and Aloha spirit. We strive to dance by sharing the feelings of ohana and aloha as our foundation.