25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
Genre : Traditional Performance
Join Year : 2008(14th)
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24HF-Honolulu-Daijayama-Booster-Group Fukuoka

Honolulu Daijayama Booster Group

Traditional Performance

Four basic elements of Honolulu Daijayama are: making a float, fireworks, chants and dancers. Toward the 25th anniversary of Honolulu Daijayama, we are renovating Daijayama with our friends and volunteers in Honolulu. This year, we will carry Daijayama with brand-new fireworks and chants!

24HF-Hirosaki-Neputa Aomori

Hirosaki Neputa Manji Kai

Traditional Performance

“Neputa” has been designated as a significant and intangible folk cultural asset in 1980. At present, gorgeous and splendid “Oogi (fan) Neputa” along with “Kumi (group) Neputa” with orchestra of Neputa such as flavorful flute and Taiko (Japanese drums) are operated by the citizens of Hirosaki.

pg_mahelani Hawaii

Mahealani Uchiyama

Traditional Performance

Mahealani Uchiyama was raised within the discipline of the classical hula tradition. She is a dancer, musician, composer, kumuhula (instructor of hula and oli).

pg_mauim Hawaii

Kamehameha High School, Maui Campus Japanese I Students, Winners of the 5th Annual Maui Mikoshi Design Contest (Maui)

Traditional Performance

Kamehameha High School, Maui Campus’ Japanese I students, winners of the 5th Annual Maui Mikoshi Design Contest for the second straight year, will march with their winning mikoshi. Japanese Language teachers Mr. Kealii Mossman and Mr. Jared Mateaki along with thirty students have incorporated the theme “Pacific Harmony-Experience the Wonder” into their portable float design. Please look forward to share in their joyous celebration.

korean_chumusalan Hawaii

Chum Sa Rang

Traditional Performance

Members of this group hope to promote the spirit of the traditional Korean arts and to perpetuate it through future generations.



Traditional Performance

Saitama Ryujin Matsuri Kai is promoting community revitalization through the symbol of Saitama called “Ryujin”. Ryujin is the dragon god that ascends to heaven and provides water as well as hope. Please support us by shouting “Ryujin Ryujin!” during our performance.

23HF Kusajiodori Oita


Traditional Performance

The Kusaji dance began in Bungotakada, Oita Prefecture around 300 years ago. It is composed by four types of dance. Also, the dancers quickly shift their costume accordingly to each dance which is one of its attractions.