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Genre : Traditional Performance
Join Year : 2015(21st)
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Traditional Performance

The Saitama Ryujin Festival Association aims for the development of the local society through “Ryujin” the symbol of Saitama City. It is the god of the dragon “Ryujin” who rises to the sky to give us water and hope. Everyone, “Ryujin, Ryujin”, please cheer us up!


Hawaii Shibashukai

Traditional Performance

Hawaii Shibashukai performed Japanese traditional Shamisen with Ko’ula and Hauta songs for the last 10 years at the Honolulu Festival. Performances will include Ise-Ondo, Gion-Ko’ula and Miyagawa-Ondo is with Japanese traditional dances.



Traditional Performance

“Kanto” (Lanterns borne by a bamboo pole) which is designed to look like rice ears, is about 12m high and weighs about 50kg. The appearance of the lantern swaying in the summer night sky creates a courageous and fantastic sight. It is held every year as a festival to wish for a good harvest.


Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri Odoriren

Traditional Performance

The biggest festival of south Kyushu “OHARA-MATSURI” has been held, on 2nd and 3rd November every year, in Kagoshima city. “OHARA-BUSHI” originated from our living town called “HARARA”, which transmitted from generation to generation since Edo-period. Please enjoy our traditional dance.



Traditional Performance

We are the group of Zomeki Shamisen (Japanese stringed instruments) for Awaodori, one of the three largest Bon Festivals in Japan. Our objective is to develop the performance skills and attract more people to play Shamisen.


Kitsuke Maemusubi Sachiko

Traditional Performance

We are the Kimono dressing group. Kimono is a kind of Japanese traditional dress. We are planning to show to to tie Obi (belt) and dance Hanabi Ondo at the parade.


Gujo Odori Hozonkai

Traditional Performance

Gujo Odori (An Important Intangible Cultural Asset) is a dance that has been passed on for over 400 years in Gujo Hachiman of Gifu prefecture. The most famous dance is called “Tetsuya (all night) Odori” that takes place in the Obon Festival (8/13-16). Tens of thousands of people dance together all night.


MCL Morioka College League

Traditional Performance

We are students of MCL in Morioka of Iwate prefecture, where the World heritage site of “Hiraizumi” is located. We will perform Sansa Taiko, recorded in Guinness book by synchronizing Taiko playing. Please enjoy our Taiko, flute and dance performances.



Traditional Performance

We are “Hanagasa Odori” dance group consisted of 100 people from Sakura area of Chiba Prefecture. Our objective is to join the “Yamagata Hanagasa Festival” every year. We will be performing “Hanagasa Odori” in the Honolulu Festival to celebrate and commemorate our 40th anniversary.



Traditional Performance

“KIKUYORI-KAI” is a Japanese dance circle club formed mainly by the female members of cabbage farmers. We are from Tsumagoi-mura of Gunma prefecture, a place where it is famous for cultivating cabbages. We would like to show you our best performance from our daily practice and deepen the relationship with people in Hawaii.