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Genre : Traditional Performance
Join Year : 2016(22nd)
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Traditional Performance

We perform both nationally and internationally in order to showcase Nankin Tamasudare, a traditional Japanese street performance, to people around the world. We hold the Guinness record of “the largest parade of people performing Nankin Tamasudare,” which we challenged in May 2013. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Honolulu Festival!



Traditional Performance

The Saitama Ryujin Festival Association aims for the development of the local society through “Ryujin” the symbol of Saitama City. It is the god of the dragon “Ryujin” who rises to the sky to give us water and hope. Everyone, “Ryujin, Ryujin”, please cheer us up!


Hawaii Shibashukai

Traditional Performance

Hawaii Shibashukai performed Japanese traditional Shamisen with Ko’ula and Hauta songs for the last 10 years at the Honolulu Festival. Performances will include Ise-Ondo, Gion-Ko’ula and Miyagawa-Ondo is with Japanese traditional dances.


Bicchu Kagura Preservation Society

Traditional Performance

Bicchu Kagura dance has been designated as “significant intangible fold cultural asset” in 1979. It is the primitive faith that is performed by Kagura dance at the agricultural village in Bicchu district, Okayama prefecture. It has been handed down as folk entertainment, and “faith of God” fuses with entertainment over the years. At present time, it has become the indispensable folk arts such as for autumn festivals.


Chigasaki Beach Hamaori Festival

Traditional Performance

We are Chigasaki’s traditional culture, “Chigasaki Beach Hamaori Festival” from Honolulu’s sister city, Chigasaki. The Hamaori Festival tells the coming of summer which is held in the early morning on the beach of Chigasaki at the beginning of summer. Also, Soshu Mikoshi (portable shrine) used for the Hamaori Festival will be carried by our members at the Grand Parade, while playing the folk song “Jinku” and excite the crowds!


Takasaki Nankin Tamasudare Geiyukai

Traditional Performance

We are Nankin Tamasudare team that belongs to the volunteer group of the Social Educational Department. We have a total of 27 members and practice twice a week. If we receive request, we will volunteer at the senior homes and at the events.



Traditional Performance

“Kanto” (Lanterns borne by a bamboo pole) which is designed to look like rice ears, is about 12m high and weighs about 50kg. The appearance of the lantern swaying in the summer night sky creates a courageous and fantastic sight. It is held every year as a festival to wish for a good harvest.



Traditional Performance

“Awa Kogeiza” is a private club which we formed in 1970 in an effort to succeed the Japanese traditional arts, “Awa Ningyo-Jyoruri (Japanese Puppet Theater)”. We are aiming to be the “Worldwide Puppet Theater” and we have been performing all over the world such as in the United States, Europe, Turkey and Korea.


Hawaii Kokuseiryu Shiginkai

Traditional Performance

Kokuseiryu Shigin-kai(Group) is a Shigin (poetry) group which was founded at Manzanar American concentration camp 75 years ago. This year, the 60th anniversary commemoration event will be held in Hawaii in September. 200 poets will gather from Japan, Brazil, Canada and the mainland of the United States. Shingin is a traditional Japanese arts and is to recite traditional Chinese poetries and traditional Japanese poetries with unique tune.


Hirosaki Neputa Manji Kai

Traditional Performance

Established in 2010, we have been conducting performances such as Hirosaki Neputa operation and festival music in Tsugaru native district at events in and outside the prefecture including Hirosaki City. The Honolulu Festival is our representative overseas activities, we have received the Best Service Award from the Honolulu Festival Foundation and have been highly evaluated locally.