26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Traditional Performance
Join Year : 2018(24th)
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24HF-Kitsuke-Mie Mie

kitsuke Mie

Traditional Performance

We offer courses on how to dress in a traditional kimono properly and comfortably. We also organize kimono fashion shows, participate in tea parties in kimonos, and join the kimono parade of a street festival in the historic Seki-juku station in Kameyama.

G-9 Han Ul South Korea

Han – UI

Traditional Performance

We are a traditional percussion band from Korea, and the name is HAN-UI. We belong to Natural Science College of Inha University. Samul-nori means playing four instruments: jang-gu, buk, jing and kkwaeg-gwa-ri. And using these intruments we make beautiful sounds.

noimage_mini Kyoto


Traditional Performance

“The Night of Myths and Japanese Immigrants” – We will recite Japanese myths in commemoration of the 150th anniversary since Japanese people first migrated to Hawaii.

24HF-Honolulu-Daijayama-Booster-Group Fukuoka

Honolulu Daijayama Booster Group

Traditional Performance

For the 25th anniversary of the Honolulu Festival, Orochiyama has molted out! Thanks to the cooperative ties between colleagues in Honolulu and craftsmen who serve God in Japan, we were able to reproduce the whole thing. Sharp eye and fang excavating plague. Large ears and large horns symbolizing almighty. A treasure sword at its tail is an embodiment of Kusanagi sword. GIANT SNAKE MOUNTAIN who has divinely molted enters the Kalakaua avenue along with a goddess dancing party and fiery flame!!

2015 Hawaii

Hawaii Shibashukai

Traditional Performance

Hawaii Shibashukai performed Japanese traditional Shamisen with Ko’ula and Hauta songs for the last 10 years at the Honolulu Festival. Performances will include Ise-Ondo, Gion-Ko’ula and Miyagawa-Ondo is with Japanese traditional dances.

nankin-tamasudare Hyogo


Traditional Performance

We perform both nationally and internationally in order to showcase Nankin Tamasudare, a traditional Japanese street performance, to people around the world. We hold the Guinness record of “the largest parade of people performing Nankin Tamasudare,” which we challenged in May 2013. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Honolulu Festival!

24HF-Hirosaki-Neputa Aomori

Hirosaki neputa manji kai

Traditional Performance

“Neputa” has been designated as a significant and intangible folk cultural asset in January 1980. At present, gorgeous and splendid “Oogi (fan) Neputa” along with “Kumi (group) Neputa” with an orchestra of Neputa such as flavorful flute and Taiko (Japanese drums) are operated by the citizens of Hirosaki.

kokuseiryu Hawaii

Hawaii Kokuseiryu Shiginkai

Traditional Performance

Kokuseiryu Shigin-kai(Group) is a Shigin (poetry) group which was founded at Manzanar American concentration camp 75 years ago. This year, the 60th anniversary commemoration event will be held in Hawaii in September. 200 poets will gather from Japan, Brazil, Canada and the mainland of the United States. Shingin is a traditional Japanese arts and is to recite traditional Chinese poetries and traditional Japanese poetries with unique tune.



Traditional Performance

The Saitama Ryujin Festival Association aims for the development of the local society through “Ryujin” the symbol of Saitama City. It is the god of the dragon “Ryujin” who rises to the sky to give us water and hope. Everyone, “Ryujin, Ryujin”, please cheer us up!