26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
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Join Year : 2019(25th)
Area : Shinetsu/Hokuriku
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We are a Niigata prefecture based creative dance group founded in 1986. We showcase 30 stages a year. We are promoting activities to boost the local cultural capabilities and to energize society as a whole with entertainment as a member of Power of Culture from Citizen Project by The Agency for Cultural Affairs.


The City of Nagaoka


The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show is held annually on August 2nd and 3rd against the backdrop of the Shinano, the longest river in Japan. At our booth, you’ll be able to experience Nagaoka Fireworks with a VR device as if you were viewing real fireworks. Visitors can also enjoy tasting some of Nagaoka’s Japanese sake, a regional specialty of which we are proud, and seeing Nishikigoi originated from Nagaoka, multicolored ornamental carp, swimming gracefully. On March 10th, the final day of the Honolulu Festival, Nagaoka Fireworks will bloom in the night sky over Waikiki beach.


Let’s Enjoy Easy Nagaoka Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony)


Once-in-a-lifetime experience. We will present Bon Temae (A type of Tea Ceremony). Please enjoy delicious traditional sweets from Nagaoka and organic green tea. You can also experience making tea.


Nagato Fudo Daiko

Music Performance

We are striving to perform in the way where people will say “Wow! this is not just a good, but a great Taiko show”. We all practice songs and taiko stick skills very hard in the hope of impressing the whole world.


Teikyo Nagaoka High School Cheerleading Club TWINKLES


We are the cheerleading club TWINKLES of Teikyonagaoka High School from snowy Niigata prefecture in Japan.We are the only cheerleading club in Niigata Prefecture. We are still beginners at cheerleading, but we are doing our best with all our strength. Please enjoy our performance.


KagaMorita-ryu Nankintamasudare

Traditional Performance

We are an organization that is based in Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan. We will perform traditional Nankintamasudare with a modern touch and dance with incredibly light steps. Please enjoy a momentary skill to liken Nankintamasudare to unexpected forms.