26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
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Lahainaluna High School

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Lahainaluna High School won the 2nd Maui Mikoshi Design Contest in 2005. They will carry Daijayama at the Grand Parade.

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Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Miss Aloha Hawaii

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The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Hawaii’s oldest food festival is happy to participate in the Honolulu Festival. Tehran Slade, Miss Aloha Hawaii 2018 and Tatiana Macomber, Miss Kona Coffee 2018 look forward to saying “Aloha”.

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Hawaii United Okinawa Association

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The Hawaii United Okinawa Association is proud to represent 50 clubs whose combined members exceed 40,000 members. This marching unit will include banner holders representing each club along with drummers and music.

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65th Cherry Blossom Festival Court

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The Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the longest, continually-running ethnic festivals in Hawaii. The purpose of the festival is to perpetuation the Japanese culture and to enrich the lives of young women of Japanese ancestry. Queen Contestants are given the opportunity to learn about their Japanese heritage, improve their poise and public speaking and develop leadership skills through numerous cultural and training classes.

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Honolulu Daijayama

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Hawaii and Omuta in Fukuoka has had a goodwill relationship for many years. Thus, Omuta’s famous summer matsuri “Omuta Daijayama” that has been featured in past parades of the Honolulu Festival was changed to “Honolulu Daijayama” in 2008. Honolulu Daijayama will once again participate in the Honolulu Festival’s parade down Kalakaua Avenue this year. The intensity of their performance, the bells ringing loudly, the fire gushing out, smoke spreading throughout the parade route, is an unforgettable sight for spectators seeing the Daijayama for the very first time. The Honolulu Festival has inherited the mikoshi that is used for Honolulu Daijayama from the city of Omuta. It was the Omuta people’s […]

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Maui High School

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This Year’s Maui Mikoshi Design Contest winner, Maui High School students will carry their winning Mikoshi in the Grand Parade.


Hawaii Chinese Culture Center

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Hawaii Chinese Culture Center Inc. was established as a non-profit cultural/charity organization with the status of 501(c) (3) in 2006 to meet the increasing demand for the local Chinese community and the cultural exchange and harmony in the state of Hawaii.

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Vietnamese Student Association in Hawaii (VSAH)

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The mission of VSAH is to promote activities benefiting Vietnamese students in Hawaii, to build a network among VSAH alumni, and to promote community and students’ awareness of Vietnamese culture. Further VSAH aims to foster interaction and partnerships with Vietnamese student associations of other Universities and the Vietnamese American community in Hawaii.

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Cosplay Cafe

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Student Veterans of America (SVA) is an independent student organization associated with the University of Hawaii-West Oahu (UHWO) campus. The SVA will help to set up the cosplay cafe at the Honolulu Festival. This club, recently formed at UHWO, is designed to provide support, activities and fellowship for members of the association, and to provide services to veterans within the university, community, and the State of Hawai’i. It is open to all University of Hawai’i – West O’ahu students, alumni, and faculty.

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The Korean Traditional Music Association of Hawaii

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Chae Hee Lee was appointed the chief director of the Korean Traditional Music Association of Hawaii. This group has been participating in the Honolulu Festival Parade since 2001.