26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Craft/Demonstration
Join Year : 2015(21st)
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7152 kyoto wagashi club Kyoto

Welcome to KYOTO (by imagine) & KYOTO “WAGASHI” CLUB


We are coming from the millennium capital, Kyoto. We will show you our “Kyoto brand”, fusion of tradition and future.

Penghu International Art  Association Taiwan

Penghu International Art Association


“From a distance, paper-thin metal-master Darfar Hu’s artworks look like oil paintings on canvas. However, as one looks closer, one soon discovers a completely different world of fine-edged artistic creation. Darfar Hu’s artworks are composed of the tin from assorted containers. Each tin container has been carefully cut into many diminutive pieces, whose angles, color and texture are carefully arranged and nailed to wooden board. Organizing original imprinted, lined, colored, and textured tin pieces, and placing them on a wood medium, causes the images of these puzzled and puzzling pictures to form. Darfar Hu calls these works, “”Metal Mosaic.”” Just prior to the turn of the century, in 1996, Darfar […]

24HF-Hawaii-Taiwan-Center Hawaii

Hawaii Taiwanese Center / Lucoral Museum


“Parade: 1) Taiwanese puppets that were a gift from the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan to the City of Honolulu. These puppets chase away evil spirits and brings happiness, health and good wishes to the Hawaii community; 2) Traditional puppet show and clothing from Taiwan; 3) Naluwa Dance Group from Mandarin Academy Booth: DIY arts & crafts and jewelry related to shared Taiwanese and Hawaiian culture”

2019 Kanagawa

Chigasaki City -Sister City of Honolulu-


Chigasaki is one of Honolulu’s sister cities, where its stunning nature, hula and surf culture have a lot in common with Honolulu. We would like to foster our friendship with Honolulu, and engage in cultural exchange for future generations.

長岡観光コンベンション Niigata

Nagaoka Incorporated Association of Tourism and Conventions


During the Nagaoka Grand Fireworks Festival held annually on August 2nd and 3rd, approximately 20,000 shots of fireworks bloom in the night sky over Nagaoka. At our booth, we will be displaying full-size replicas of fireworks shells and Yamakoshi’s Nishikigoi (multi-colored ornamental carp.) Visitors can also enjoy tasting some of Nagaoka’s Japanese sake, a regional specialty of which we are especially proud.

5222 ikebana sogetsu ryu Tokyo

Ikebana Sogetsu-ryu ALT-22


The sun, light, plants, soil and wind of Hawaii are so attractive that they stimulate our sensitivity. We will show you our modern expression of “flower arrangement” performance on the stage. At the exhibition booth, we will demonstrate flower arrangement using various flowers.

24HF-Nagaoka Institute of Design Niigata

Nagaoka Institute of Design


Students of the Nagaoka Institute of Design learn about various aspects of design. At our booth, we will help you enjoy painting an uchiwa, a round paper fan, with a stencil method, known as “kappazuri.” You can create your own Japanese-style uchiwa by choosing your favorite pattern, placing it on your uchiwa, and applying colorful ink around it.

Nagaoka City Niigata

Nagaoka City – The Committee of the Nagaoka-Honolulu Commemorative Project for U.S.A.-Japan Friendship


This year, 2015, marks the 70th year since the end of the Pacific War. With the future in mind, the sister cities of Nagaoka and Honolulu will collaborate in holding the Peace Exchange Commemorative Project. We are accepting your messages for the Nagaoka Fireworks scheduled to be presented at Pearl Harbor in expression of our condolences to war victims and with our prayers for peace in the world.

Nagaoka Nishikigoi Niigata

Nagaoka Nishikigoi Breeders Association


Nagaoka city of Niigata prefecture is well-known as the birthplace of Nishikigoi , a multi-colored ornamental carp. Nishikigoi are elaborately raised in the naturally-blessed environment of Nagaoka and they will be displayed at our booth during the Honolulu Festival. Originally created by Japanese people, Nishikigoi truly symbolize “Cool Japan”. Don’t miss the precious opportunity to enjoy the Nishikigoi at our booth.

23HF Japan College of Foreign Languages Tokyo

Japan College of Foreign Languages


Japan College of Foreign Languages strives to nurture people to address internationalization. People who can be active in internationalization and international exchange will help closely with volunteer staff to display the exhibition booth in Honolulu Festival.