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Genre : Craft/Demonstration
Join Year : 2016(22nd)
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It is the third participation from Kyoto , Imperial Capital for a Millennium. This time, we will demonstrate the Japanese “mochi tuki” and welcome you.


Penghu International Art Association


“From a distance, paper-thin metal-master Darfar Hu’s artworks look like oil paintings on canvas. However, as one looks closer, one soon discovers a completely different world of fine-edged artistic creation. Darfar Hu’s artworks are composed of the tin from assorted containers. Each tin container has been carefully cut into many diminutive pieces, whose angles, color and texture are carefully arranged and nailed to wooden board. Organizing original imprinted, lined, colored, and textured tin pieces, and placing them on a wood medium, causes the images of these puzzled and puzzling pictures to form. Darfar Hu calls these works, “”Metal Mosaic.”” Just prior to the turn of the century, in 1996, Darfar Hu, a multi-linguistic individual who successfully conducts a private hardware business in Taiwan, created his “”Metal Mosaic”” artistic style, with neither formal introduction or training in art to fall back upon. The themes of Darfar Hu’s works are derived from his visual childhood memories of Chiufen, a small mountain village located in the northern part of Taiwan. Darfar Hu grew up in Chiufen where he constantly experienced an incredible panoramic view of Jilong Mountain and the shores of Pacific Ocean. In Darfar Hu’s Metal Mosaic, he captures the natural aspects of the mountain village as well as its inhabitants’ life style from 1940’s to 1960’s. Though some might think the subject-matter ancient by contemporary standards, those who know art and humanity recognize our human sense of temporal existence is ironically timeless. Thus, Darfar Hu hopes that by artistically revitalizing human images of his village’s past, people who visit and experience his Metal Mosaic, whether they be within their own villages or without, will fondly remember and consider their recent and distant personal encounters with life and living, on this incredibly beautiful cosmic island we call Earth. “


The City of Nagaoka


The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show is held annually on August 2nd and 3rd against the backdrop of the Shinano, the longest river in Japan. At our booth, visitors can also enjoy tasting some of agaoka’s Japanese sake, a regional specialty of which we are proud. On March 10th, the final day of the Honolulu Festival, Nagaoka Fireworks will bloom in the night sky over Waikiki beach.


Hawaii Taiwanese Center / Lucoral Museum


“Parade: 1) Taiwanese puppets that were a gift from the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan to the City of Honolulu. These puppets chase away evil spirits and brings happiness, health and good wishes to the Hawaii community; 2) Traditional puppet show and clothing from Taiwan; 3) Naluwa Dance Group from Mandarin Academy Booth: DIY arts & crafts and jewelry related to shared Taiwanese and Hawaiian culture”




We are a group who enjoy painting Suiboku-ga, also known as ink wash painting (including color paintings) that expresses the lighting and shading effect by using only one brush in Miyazaki, Japan. Four of us, Suigetsu Shikata (teacher), Matsuba, Kodama and Shiiba (students) are participating. We hope that many of you will be able to experience Suiboku-ga at the festival.


Dainihon Chado Gakkai


Dainihon Tea Ceremony Society is one of the schools of “the tea ceremony” that is a traditional culture in Japan. It is our mission to research, to demonstrate the mind as well as skills of our ancestors and transmit this tradition to the posterity. Although this is our first participation in this event, we will show you the splendid performance.


Chigasaki City -Sister City of Honolulu-


Chigasaki is one of Honolulu’s sister cities, where its stunning nature, hula and surf culture have a lot in common with Honolulu. We would like to foster our friendship with Honolulu, and engage in cultural exchange for future generations.


Yamanashi Pref. Fuefuki Tourism Organization


We will show you plenty of the Fuefuki-city’s charm such as Isawa hot spring, peach, grapes and the wine. You are able to try wearing the armor at our exhibition booth. In addition, we are looking for somebody who would like to wear the armor and walk with us at the grand parade on Sunday.


Let’s Enjoy Easy Nagaoka Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony)


Once-in-a-lifetime experience. We will present Bon Temae (A type of Tea Ceremony). Please enjoy delicious traditional sweets from Nagaoka and organic green tea. You can also experience making tea.


Nagaoka Incorporated Association of Tourism and Conventions


During the Nagaoka Grand Fireworks Festival held annually on August 2nd and 3rd, approximately 20,000 shots of fireworks bloom in the night sky over Nagaoka. At our booth, we will be displaying full-size replicas of fireworks shells and Yamakoshi’s Nishikigoi (multi-colored ornamental carp.) Visitors can also enjoy tasting some of Nagaoka’s Japanese sake, a regional specialty of which we are especially proud.