25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
Genre : Music Performance
Join Year : 2018(24th)
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Hawaii Ginyukai

Music Performance

The Hawaii Ginyukai was founded in 2017 by members fond of and interested in Ginyu (Japanese poetry songs). Ha […]

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TAVANA presented by Hale Osugi International

Music Performance

Hale Osugi International proudly presents TAVANA: Tavana is a one-man band from Honolulu, who uses electronic […]

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Taiko Center of the Pacific

Music Performance

Kenny Endo and Taiko Center of the Pacific, a school and performing group of traditional and contemporary Japa […]

24HF-MCT Friends of Jazz Peace Concert Hawaii

MCT Friends of Jazz Peace Concert

Music Performance

Mihoko Maier is founder of Jazz Peace Concert. Praying for World peace through Jazz for over 10 years, Mihoko […]

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Kiyoko Hattori

Music Performance

My name is Kiyoko Hattori from the town of Oguni in Nagaoka City, famous for the Nagaoka Fireworks. I have vis […]

noimage_mini Hyogo

Doyo Chorus Utanakama

Music Performance

Our chorus group is composed of ladies in their 60s to 80s. They join our group to promote their health and ma […]

24HF-Sakura-Komachi-Wagakudan Tokyo

Sakurakomachi Japanese Music and Dance Group

Music Performance

Sakurakomachi Japanese Music and Dance Group is an all-female orchestra that plays traditional Japanese music […]

24HF-Kindenryu-Genshukai Aichi

Kindenryu Taisho-koto Genshu-kai

Music Performance

Genshukai gives performances of taishogoto (Japanese harp) both domestically and abroad. Taishogoto is a tradi […]

24HF-Monden-Momo-Song-and-Dance Shimane

Monden Momo Song & Dance Cultural Exchange

Music Performance

We met in the city of Izumo, known as the birthplace of Japanese mythology, and formed a performance group led […]



Music Performance

Although Tsugaru shamisen was established as a genre at the end of the Edo period, its history has mostly been […]