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Genre : Traditional Performance
Join Year : 2017(23rd)
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Traditional Performance

We perform both nationally and internationally in order to showcase Nankin Tamasudare, a traditional Japanese street performance, to people around the world. We hold the Guinness record of “the largest parade of people performing Nankin Tamasudare,” which we challenged in May 2013. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Honolulu Festival!


Philippine Cultural Dancers

Traditional Performance

Our group is made up of leaders of the Filipino community in Hawaii, the largest ethnic group in the state, who will showcase dance numbers from the Philippines’ largest island groups – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Our group is a collaborative effort among the Philippine Consulate General, Philippine Airlines, Congress of Visayan Organizations, Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and several partner organizations.



Traditional Performance

The Saitama Ryujin Festival Association aims for the development of the local society through “Ryujin” the symbol of Saitama City. It is the god of the dragon “Ryujin” who rises to the sky to give us water and hope. Everyone, “Ryujin, Ryujin”, please cheer us up!


808 Martial Arts

Traditional Performance

808 Martial Arts was founded in 2014 and is a martial arts team that consists of friends who share a common passion for spreading Chinese culture through martial arts. Members of 808 Martial Arts have been fortunate to earn various awards in competitions both nationally and internationally. They train in various styles which include: wushu, jeet kune do, and monkey martial arts.



Traditional Performance

We are the group of Gindokan. Our shigin (a performance of reciting Japanese poem) has a history of 60 years. The Gindokan was founded in Nihonbashi Hamacho, Japan which we held the shigin competition for 4 times at Meiji-za. There are a total of 60 Gindokan branches from Sendai to Shizuoka Prefecture. All of the members are chanting the heart of Japan in an honest and refreshing


Ashikaga-City promotion team

Traditional Performance

Yoroi Gyouretsu (samurai armor parade) is a traditional event of Ashikaga, Tochigi, which began in 1915 and this year marked the 102th anniversary. Every year, approximately 300 Ashikaga citizens will be dressed up as Bando warrior and parade around the city in the night of Setsubun (day before the beginning of spring). Also, the ceremony called “Tsuinashiki” will be held at the national treasure Banna-ji, where people throw soy beans to drive out evil spirits.


Kagoshima Ohara-bushi Dance Group

Traditional Performance

We are a dance group consisted of members of JTB-Affiliated Ryokans & Hotels Federation Kagoshima Branch. We will be dancing to a melody of Kagoshima’s major folk song called “Ohara-bushi,” with the members of Hawaii Kagoshima Kenjin-Kai. We hope to promote exchanges between Hawaii and Kagoshima with “Ohara-bushi.”


Yatsushiro Myoken Festival Yabusame Preservation Association

Traditional Performance

The Yatsushiro Myoken Festival is a festival which is recognized as a valuable cultural property of Japan. It is being held since the 16th century and their carts faithfully reviving the story of the scroll from the early 19th century in a splendid manner. This festival is a wonderful piece that represents the Japanese traditional culture which was passed down by the local communities of Yatsushiro, Kumamoto. It is worth seeing!


Chigasaki Beach Hamaori Festival

Traditional Performance

We are Chigasaki’s traditional culture, “Chigasaki Beach Hamaori Festival” from Honolulu’s sister city, Chigasaki. The Hamaori Festival tells the coming of summer which is held in the early morning on the beach of Chigasaki at the beginning of summer. Also, Soshu Mikoshi (portable shrine) used for the Hamaori Festival will be carried by our members at the Grand Parade, while playing the folk song “Jinku” and excite the crowds!



Traditional Performance

“Kanto” (Lanterns borne by a bamboo pole) which is designed to look like rice ears, is about 12m high and weighs about 50kg. The appearance of the lantern swaying in the summer night sky creates a courageous and fantastic sight. It is held every year as a festival to wish for a good harvest.