24th Annual Honolulu Festival March 9-11, 2018
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noimage.jpg Tokyo

Utsukushima Fukushima Koto No Kai


The typewriter inspired the invention of a unique Japanese musical instrument, the Taisho-koto. Please enjoy t […]

2006 Gifu

Godo Furusato Taiko


We are the Godo Furusato Taiko group from Gifu prefecture in Japan. We will present a lion dance and Japanese […]

2006 Tokyo

Origami Art Circle


A single piece of paper will create numerous magical forms of art. Please join in to experience it yourself.

2006 Miyagi

Square Dance in Honolulu


The Group will perform a square dance, which was born during the Wild West era.People enjoy the square dance, […]

2006 Gunma



Local folk song Maebashi-Ondo is re-created with a contemporary touch. People of Maebashi City dance with gink […]

noimage.jpg Osaka

Kawachiya Kikusuimaru and Bon Dance Group


Osaka’s renowned musical entertainment, Kawachi Ondo, is the pride and joy of Osaka citizens. Ondo singi […]

2006 Fukuoka

Nakasu Kunihiro Onna Mikoshi


Fukuoka city, Nakasu, is the largest amusement area in Kyushu. From Nakasu, 130 of us will be participating in […]

2006 Tokyo

Ka Pā Hula O Pikake


Hula’s popularity has boomed in Japan, Cultural exchange has been taken to an even higher level through […]

2006 Kanagawa

Hula Hands


Hula Hands demonstrates the art of hula, a dance of beauty and gracefulness that has taken Japan by storm.

noimage.jpg Gunma

Ikuei Jr. College Lauae Team


Ikuei Junior College Hula Team “Lauae” performs Hawaii’s traditional hula, which has grown i […]