25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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2008 Tokyo

Sumiko Karita Origami School


Let’s explore and enjoy the world of Origami. We would like to share the enjoyment of Origami with the people of Hawaii. We are glad to be participating for the third year in a row.

noimage.jpg Hyogo

Kansai Student Band Federation


We regret that the Kansai Student Band Federation are unable to participate and have cancelled their performance. We hope to exchange Friendship with the people of the Pacific Rim through the music of wind instruments. We will make lifetime memories and begin a new history with our association.

2007 Miyazaki

KMI Branch Office Kitsuke Party in Honolulu Festival 2007


We are from Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, where we have beautiful ocean and mountains. Three fertile rivers run through our hometown of Nobeoka. We work hard continuously to preserve Japan’s wonderful tradition “Kimono Culture” to the present day. Since we both live in an eternal summer climate, we thought it would be nice to exchange friendship with people in Hawaii through our “Kimono Culture”, that made us decide to participate in the festival. Please do come to see us.

2007 Ibaraki

Osaikumono No Kai


Osaikumono is a traditional Japanese handicraft, whereby small pouches or dolls are made from pieces of Kimono fabric. At the festival, we will exhibit our artworks featuring Hanging Hina Dolls, which are displayed to wish for girls’ healthy growth. We would like to share not only our sewing skills, but also our heartfelt care for children that is symbolized by these crafts.

2007 Ehime

Saijo Iwaoka Danjiri


Among Saijo City’s 140 danjiri, mikoshi and taikodai, Iwaoka Danjiri has a long history and is particularly popular among its citizens. After a 10-year span during which it was hidden from view, the danjiri makes an appearance in the Honolulu Festival. Men who know what Saijo Matsuri and Danjiri are all about move like wild animals and carry the Danjiri rhythmically. The sight will definitely fascinate festivalgoers.

2007 Tokyo

Japan Bunka Embroidery Association


Using a unique embroidery technique, this group creates works of art on fabric. They invite visitors to learn their craft by participating in hands-on classes geared towards elementary and junior high school students.

noimage.jpg Tokyo

Na Puakea O Kalani Kitajima Hula Studio


The graceful movements of Hula have attracted many people and it has boomed in Japan. We will perform Hawaii��s traditional culture, hula. Through this activity we will seek for an even higher level of cultural exchange.

2007 Kumamoto



Our group, Asomikai, practices Taishogoto, Bunkakoto, Koto and Zenidaiko, and we are celebrating our 23rd year as a foundation. We are a big family of 250 members. Once or twice a month we practice in order to participate in regional cultural activities and events of any size, both inside and outside of Japan. We are seniors whose average age is 75, but our youthful minds always find excitement and enjoyment in every minute of our present life. We participate in the Honolulu Festival hoping to exchange friendship and establish strong and heartfelt ties with people we meet.

2007 Tokyo

Studio Hoaloha


Experience Studio Ho’aloha’s elegant dance moves as they perform the traditional Hawaiian art form of hula. Ho’aloha means ‘beloved friends,’ and they hope to expand the chain of friendship.

noimage.jpg Yamagata

Yamagata Minyo Mutsumikai


Yamagata Minyo Mutsumikai is a circle whose members gather to enjoy playing folk songs of the Akita Region on shamisen. Mastering shamisen is difficult, but we enjoy exchanging friendship and promoting mutual understanding between generations, from elementary students to 87-year-old seniors.