25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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Huionapuamakamae13th Hyogo

Hui o na pua makamae


Carrying on our late kumu hula Kaulana Kasparovitch’s hula style, we teach and promote hula in Japan. Now we practice even harder with our new kumu hula, Keale Nalani. Today, we will do our best to dance hula, even though some of our members are less experienced. Please give us your generous attention.

noimage.jpg Okayama

Bokucho-Kai (Wakakusa-Kai)


We hope that you will enjoy the world of calligraphy; its artistic charm lies much deeper than just laying out simple words and letters.

noimage.jpg Gunma

Lei Aloha AYAKO Hula Hui


The goal of the hula dance circle Lei Aloha Ayako Hula Hui is to enhance seniors wellbeing through the activity of dancing hula. We actively practice in our hometown Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, and also in various neighboring communities.

2007 Aomori

Tsugaru No Saiten Hirosaki Neputa “SHOUKI”


Neputa, which illuminates the summer sky of Tsugaru region with high spirits, will come back to the festival again this year. We will express what our homeland is like through our stage performances, exhibits, friendship exchange and participation in the grand parade. When you hear cheering voices of “Ya-Yado,” that means Neputa is making a grand entrance.

noimage2.jpg Chiba

Kashiwashi Minyo Renmei


We, the Kashiwashi Minyo Renmei, are an organization founded by dance aficionados. We love traditional Japanese culture, Japanese dance, folk dance and contemporary dance. Based in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, we actively engage in a wide range of activities. This is our first entry in the Honolulu Festival. We are all looking forward to exchanging friendship with people in Hawaii through the joy of dancing. We��ll do our best to create many unforgettable memories.

2007 Aichi

Mainichi Culture Center


We, the four classes of Nagoya Mainichi Bunka Center, are participating in the Honolulu Festival as a celebration of our 50th anniversary. We hope to draw a lot of people to the festival to enjoy our Kimono-dressing and Nagauta (Song and Shamisen) on stage. At the same time in the exhibition area we will demonstrate Necktie reforming and show some wonderful miniature garden stones. Please enjoy our performances and exhibits.

2006 Hokkaido

Shampoo presents MATSURI hair show in HAWAII


A Hair and Make-up show presented by beauticians from Hokkaido’s Tomakomai utilizes the concept of “tying,” which symbolizes family ties and friendship through cultural exchange as if tying the whole world with goodwill. They will show both the traditional Japanese beauty ideals and the latest trends from Honolulu to the world!

noimage.jpg Ishikawa

Chunichi Culture Center


We will present the “Kitsuke–Dressing up Kimono” show on stage: it is a tradition rooted deeply in Japanese culture. Starting from the bride, then the bride’s parent, and finally the relatives, we will dress them up and have them ready for the wedding ceremony.

noimage.jpg Ishikawa

Kaga Shishi


The Kaga Shishi Dance’s distinctive features are a large lion head and a large “mosquito net covering” that can hide under it players of flute, drum, shamisen, shakuhachi flute, and bearers of a lion body and tail. Please enjoy the magnificent Kaga Shishi Dance.

2006 Kanagawa

Hula Halau Ke ‘Olu Makani O Mauna Loa


With poise and grace, this hula halau will perform a dance that embodies the warmth and friendship perpetuated by the aloha spirit.