25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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2008 Saitama

Hula hui O Nani Moe


We learn the art of hula with sincerity based on our motto, “Healthy body and spirit”. Hula is our […]

2008 Okayama



Our hearts are instantly captured by the charm of the traditional Japanese kimono and obi (kimono sash) worn b […]

2008 Toyama

Iki Iki Aloha Hula Circle


We, the Iki Iki Aloha Hula Circle, are from various areas in Toyama Prefecture. Our ages mainly range from mid […]

2008 Chiba

Katsuura-shi Hujin Kai


We are members of the Katsuura-shi Ladies Group. We pass on the tradition of making our favorite local food &# […]

2008 Fukuoka

Zendoji Yamabiko Daiko


In 2002 the elementary school system was revised to a five days a week curriculum. Our group was organized sin […]

noimage.jpg Tokyo

Microsoft Ren


We love dancing Awaodori. We are looking forward to joining the Tonosama Ren group from Tokushima where Awaodo […]

2008 Osaka

Sensyu Sorya Odorikotai


Our Yosakoi Team was created in 1998 to energize people and the area that we live through the power of dance. […]

noimage2.jpg Ehime

Aloha Moana Niihama


Hula’s popularity has soared in Japan. Cultural exchange has been taken to an even higher level through […]

noimage.jpg Chiba

Kisarazu Kazusaren


Our group will dance “Kisarazu Buson”, a dance that is based on the Yosakoi Soran of Hokkaido. We […]

23HF Kusajiodori Oita


Traditional Performance

The Kusaji dance began in Bungotakada, Oita Prefecture around 300 years ago. It is composed by four types of d […]