26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
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2008 Ibaraki

Aloha Hula Mate


We come from the city of Iwai in Ibaraki Prefecture. We are here to perform the hula, Hawaii’s traditional art form. We look forward to meeting the people of Hawaii and making friends through our dance.

2008 Saitama

Hula hui O Nani Moe


We learn the art of hula with sincerity based on our motto, “Healthy body and spirit”. Hula is our life! Each day we have fun, improving, to be able to show you our traditional style of dance. We hope to feel the deep emotions of this Hawaiian culture.

noimage2.jpg Toyama

Kinmeiryu FMC Toyama


Our group enjoys the playing the Taisho Goto, a traditional Japanese instrument. We enjoy playing various types of music, however we emphasize preserving the older songs of Japan. We also enjoy playing Hawaiian songs. Please come and listen to our music.

2008 Fukuoka

Kurume Jojima Ryujindaiko


Kurume Jojima Ryujindaiko was created to preserve our local cultural traditions. We strive each day to pass the art of wadaiko on to the next generation as well as to develop wholesome young people. We are practicing day and night so that we may perform in perfect unison for you and share the beauty of wadaiko. This is our first time to participate at the Honolulu Festival. Unfortunately the children of our group will not be able to attend due to their busy graduation ceremony schedules. But the adult members will represent Kurume City on their behalf and do a great job. We hope that you will all come to […]

noimage.jpg Gunma

Lei Aloha AYAKO Hula Hui


The goal of the hula dance circle Lei Aloha Ayako Hula Hui is to enhance seniors wellbeing through the activity of dancing hula. We actively practice in our hometown Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, and also in various neighboring communities.

2007 Ibaraki

Osaikumono No Kai


Osaikumono is a traditional Japanese handicraft, whereby small pouches or dolls are made from pieces of Kimono fabric. At the festival, we will exhibit our artworks featuring Hanging Hina Dolls, which are displayed to wish for girls’ healthy growth. We would like to share not only our sewing skills, but also our heartfelt care for children that is symbolized by these crafts.

Huionapuamakamae13th Hyogo

Hui o na pua makamae


Carrying on our late kumu hula Kaulana Kasparovitch’s hula style, we teach and promote hula in Japan. Now we practice even harder with our new kumu hula, Keale Nalani. Today, we will do our best to dance hula, even though some of our members are less experienced. Please give us your generous attention.

2007 Tokyo

Studio Hoaloha


Experience Studio Ho’aloha’s elegant dance moves as they perform the traditional Hawaiian art form of hula. Ho’aloha means ‘beloved friends,’ and they hope to expand the chain of friendship.

2007 Miyazaki

KMI Branch Office Kitsuke Party in Honolulu Festival 2007


We are from Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, where we have beautiful ocean and mountains. Three fertile rivers run through our hometown of Nobeoka. We work hard continuously to preserve Japan’s wonderful tradition “Kimono Culture” to the present day. Since we both live in an eternal summer climate, we thought it would be nice to exchange friendship with people in Hawaii through our “Kimono Culture”, that made us decide to participate in the festival. Please do come to see us.

2007 Aichi

Mainichi Culture Center


We, the four classes of Nagoya Mainichi Bunka Center, are participating in the Honolulu Festival as a celebration of our 50th anniversary. We hope to draw a lot of people to the festival to enjoy our Kimono-dressing and Nagauta (Song and Shamisen) on stage. At the same time in the exhibition area we will demonstrate Necktie reforming and show some wonderful miniature garden stones. Please enjoy our performances and exhibits.