25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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2008 Tokyo

Sumiko Karita Origami School


Let’s explore and enjoy the world of Origami. We would like to share the enjoyment of Origami with the p […]

noimage.jpg Hyogo

Kansai Student Band Federation


We regret that the Kansai Student Band Federation are unable to participate and have cancelled their performan […]

2007 Miyazaki

KMI Branch Office Kitsuke Party in Honolulu Festival 2007


We are from Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, where we have beautiful ocean and mountains. Three fertile r […]

2007 Ibaraki

Osaikumono No Kai


Osaikumono is a traditional Japanese handicraft, whereby small pouches or dolls are made from pieces of Kimono […]

2007 Ehime

Saijo Iwaoka Danjiri


Among Saijo City’s 140 danjiri, mikoshi and taikodai, Iwaoka Danjiri has a long history and is particula […]

2007 Tokyo

Japan Bunka Embroidery Association


Using a unique embroidery technique, this group creates works of art on fabric. They invite visitors to learn […]

noimage.jpg Tokyo

Na Puakea O Kalani Kitajima Hula Studio


The graceful movements of Hula have attracted many people and it has boomed in Japan. We will perform Hawaii�� […]

2007 Kumamoto



Our group, Asomikai, practices Taishogoto, Bunkakoto, Koto and Zenidaiko, and we are celebrating our 23rd year […]

2007 Tokyo

Studio Hoaloha


Experience Studio Ho’aloha’s elegant dance moves as they perform the traditional Hawaiian art form […]

noimage.jpg Yamagata

Yamagata Minyo Mutsumikai


Yamagata Minyo Mutsumikai is a circle whose members gather to enjoy playing folk songs of the Akita Region on […]