24th Annual Honolulu Festival March 9-11, 2018
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2006 Osaka

Kinki University Band


Under our motto “Unity,” we, the Kinki University Band members, strive to develop humanity and stu […]

2006 Kanagawa

Shonan Chigasaki Wakahana-Kai


Influences of modern jazz have transformed the local minyo (folk song) dance into a new high-energy art form.

2006 Tokyo

2nd Annual Nichibu Wakayagi Rokujyu Kai


As headmaster of the Seiha Wakayagi-Ryu Dance School, Wakayagi Rokuyju leads this group whose performances ran […]

2006 Saitama

Neo Stained Art Association


“Neo Stained Art” is a craft where one draws pictures or patterns on glass, and fills in colors wi […]

2006 Toyama

Takaoka-Hawaiian Hula


Hula’s popularity has boomed in Japan, Cultural exchange has been taken to an even higher level through […]

2006 Miyagi

Hui Lehua


We really enjoy dancing hula, one of the prominent traditions of Hawaii. We are hoping to promote friendship b […]

noimage.jpg Aichi

Kinshukai Saitama Branch


Kinshukai is a music-educational organization with a mission to promote taisho-koto. This is the first partici […]

2006 Iwate

Shishi Odori Deer Dance Performance


The Deer Dance is the Iwate prefecture’s most famous performing art and is recognized as the Intangible […]

2006 Tokyo

Waseda University “Odori Zamurai”


This naruko (castanets) dance team is led by Waseda University students. Their powerful energy isn’t con […]

noimage.jpg Kyoto

Traditional Entertainment Nankintamasudare Kyoto Netsuaikai


We are a senior volunteer group practicing Nankintamasudare in Kyoto. Members are all cheerful, fun, and energ […]