25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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Bunkyo University Japanese Drum Club KAEDE

Music Performance

Hello, we are Bunkyo University Japanese Drum Club KAEDE. Normally, our group is taiko drumming mainly in Chig […]




Ryushiranbu is about great Japanese culture! Japanese clothing! Heart of harmony! Japanese spirit! The members […]

23HF Gindokan Logo Tokyo


Traditional Performance

We are the group of Gindokan. Our shigin (a performance of reciting Japanese poem) has a history of 60 years. […]

24HF-All-Japan-Gymnastics-of-Health-Study-Association Shizuoka

All Japan Gymnastics of Health Study Association


We are a calisthenics club from Shizuoka with international branches. We aim to achieve lifelong health throug […]

23HF Mie Iga Ninja3 Mie

Mie University & Iga Ninja”RAIDO” & Mie Prefecture


We will be promoting the history of the Ninja and its culture as well as the tourism of Mie Prefecture through […]

noimage_mini Kanagawa



Please enjoy watching social dance which adopted the Japanese essence of “Shonan Kabuki” by the instructors, S […]


Ashikaga-City promotion team

Traditional Performance

Yoroi Gyouretsu (samurai armor parade) is a traditional event of Ashikaga, Tochigi, which began in 1915 and th […]

23HF StudioFX1 Aichi



Hello everybody! We are studio FX. We are very pleased participate at the Honolulu Festival for our 10th anniv […]

24HF-Alohappy Chiba

Alohappy ! – We are Japanese Regional Characters – Honuppi

Other Sponsors

Kota and Honuppi are back again in Honolulu to deliver “The Treasure in our Heart”! We will perform our offici […]

noimage.jpg Kagoshima

Kagoshima Ohara-bushi Dance Group

Traditional Performance

We are a dance group consisted of members of JTB-Affiliated Ryokans & Hotels Federation Kagoshima Branch. […]