24th Annual Honolulu Festival March 9-11, 2018
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Team-Legacy1 Hawaii

Team Legacy Hawaii


Team Legacy Hawaii was established in 2015. We specialize in Yosakoi, a Japanese contemporary dance style that […]

Penghu International Art  Association Taiwan

Penghu International Art Association


“From a distance, paper-thin metal-master Darfar Hu’s artworks look like oil paintings on canvas. […]

daijayama Hawaii

Honolulu Daijayama

Other Sponsors

Hawaii and Omuta in Fukuoka has had a goodwill relationship for many years. Thus, Omuta’s famous summer […]

21 Nagaoka International Exchange Association Niigata

Nagaoka City – Nagaoka International Exchange Association


Through focusing on youth educational programs that pursue peace, Nagaoka and Honolulu have developed a succes […]

22HF Yasuko Shimizu Tokyo

Yasuko Shimizu and Her Fellow Singers

Music Performance

We have been performing over 50 charity concerts “The Fountain of Angels” for 21 years, which is a campaign fo […]

Hawaii Taiwanese Center Group Photo Hawaii

The Hawaii Taiwanese Center

Music Performance

Hawaii Taiwanese Center provides various services to Taiwanese who live in Hawaii and also anyone who love to […]

Chinagu-Eisa Hawaii

Chinagu Eisa Hawaii


Chinagu Eisa Hawaii is a contemporary Okinawan eisa drumming group whose purpose is to promote and perpetuate […]

16-misschinatown Hawaii

Miss Chinatown Hawaii Festival Pageant

Other Sponsors

Miss Chinatown Hawaii is a nonprofit organization run solely by volunteers, whose mission is to perpetuate the […]

Hawaii-Gagaku-Society Hawaii

Hawaii Gagaku Society

Music Performance

The Hawai‘i Gagaku Society was founded in 1968 by Reverend Masatoshi Shamoto and his first generation of stude […]

02-holyfamilyband Hawaii

Holy Family Catholic Academy Marching Band and Hula

Music Performance

Under the head administration of Fr. Sebastian Chacko and principal Christina Malins, this co-ed parish school […]