Save the Beach, Save the Ocean! That is the main theme of the Honolulu Art Market, to protect the beaches that are rapidly eroding around the world.

The Market will feature art and items that will bring the beautiful Hawaii, including the beaches, surfing, and the ocean to peoples mind. Popular local artists including Heather Brown and Kuchar are scheduled to partake in the art market as well as new and upcoming artists.

Attendees will have a chance to find original artwork and limited items that can only be purchase here!

Participating Artists

  • 808 Arts
  • Aloha De Mele
  • Bree Arnell
  • Bree Poort
  • Eduardo Bolioli
  • Eric Karbeling
  • Greenroom
  • Heather Brown
  • Jack Soren
  • Jade Fernandez
  • Jennifer Tosaki
  • Judd Boloker
  • Kris Goto
  • Lauren Roth
  • Lauren Trangmar
  • Mako Jones
  • Margaret Rice
  • Nick Kuchar
  • Skylar Schultheis
  • Solario
  • Wimini Hawaii

(Subject to change)


【Honolulu Art Market 2024】

■Dates : Saturday, March 9th 10AM – 6PM

Sunday, March 10th 10AM – 3PM

■Location:Hawaii Convention Center Level 1

■Booth :Heather Brown, Nick Kuchar, and more!