25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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Yatsushiro Myoken Festival Yabusame Preservation Association

Traditional Performance

The Yatsushiro Myoken Festival is a festival which is recognized as a valuable cultural property of Japan. It […]

23HF Ritsumeikan BLENDERS Kyoto

Ritsumeikan univ. BLENDERS


We are mainly dancing at various school festivals and community events. Our mission is to entertain many by ou […]


Pua Plumeria


We are Hula Halau from Osaka consisting of 3 members that enjoy hula. We came here to perform in Hawaii before […]


Leimomi Hula Studio


We are embracing our circle of friends that enjoy hula together. Our wish is to understand the meaning of the […]

24HF-Alohappy Tokyo

Alohappy ! – We are Japanese Regional Characters – Kota

Other Sponsors

Kota and Honuppi are back again in Honolulu to deliver “The Treasure in our Heart”! We will perform our offici […]

23HF Mitsudomoe Tokyo


Music Performance

Mitsudomoe is an orchestral club from Waseda University. Its main purpose is to enjoy the Japanese traditional […]


Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Pom Dance Amity


The pom dance derives from cheerleading, but we don’t perform any stunts because our focus is on dancing […]

24HF-Heartnest Tokyo



Hi everyone! We are Heartnest, a dance troupe from Tokyo. Our team loves dance more than anything, and we genu […]

23HF Hula Pomaikai Tokyo

Hula Pomaikai Chiyoda


We are Hula Pomaikai Chiyoda. Our members are practicing hula three times a month at the sports center in Chiy […]

alma Hawaii


Music Performance

As solo ukulele artists, Alto and Maia have been performing on countless stages independently and have joined […]