‘Connect with Aloha, Forward to the New Future’

Hawai’i and Japan have been connected for a long time so we drew inspiration from those roots.  We included rice and sugar cane to represent the connection we share through the immigrant farmers that first came over to Hawai’i from Japan. This connection is also depicted through the sakura and plumeria trees, representative figures from each area, coming together. The focus at the top of the mikoshi is the sun and we used that to show a specific connection between Maui and Japan. The figures of Amaterasu and Maui are linked to the sun and reflect a commonality our island shares with Japan through legend.

The world has gone through many challenges since the last time the Honolulu Festival was held yet we are hopeful for the future. We chose to depict this through not only the kanji for ‘future’ and ‘together’ on the roof of the mikoshi but through the pleasant winds lifting the cranes and nene. The same pleasant winds helping the birds move forward are also gently blowing the fuurin, reminding us that there is always the hope of relief and comfort.


Maui Mikoshi Unveiling Ceremony
[ Date ] (SAT) March 11th,2023 Time 11:00 am
[ Venue ] Hawaii Convention Center 1F


Maui Mikoshi Exhibit
[ Date ] (SAT) March 11th, 2023 & (SUN) March 12th, 2023
[ Venue ] Hawaii Convention Center 1F