The 27th Honolulu Festival will take place on March 12-14, 2021



The 19th Annual Honolulu Festival Educational School Tours Educational School Tours

The 19th Annual Honolulu Festival commenced with the Educational School Tours on Friday, March 1, 2013. Normally, only Oahu school students have been invited to these educational tours each year, however, this year, it was also open to the general public. [ See More ]


The 19th Annual Honolulu Festival was a huge success!

We appreciate all of you for coming to the Annual 19th Honolulu Festival. We also thank the performers and volunteers who made this festival the fabulous success! We are so happy to accomplish by your participation. The 20th Annual Honolulu Festival is scheduled to be held on March 7-9, 2014. Please join us next year again! Mahalo!


The 19th Honolulu Festival kicked off with a great start!

We want to thank everyone coming to our Educational School Tours and Friendship Gala. We are very glad to see so many people there. The Honolulu festival will be open to the public tomorrow and the following day. Come and join us!


The Nagaoka Fireworks is returning to the Honolulu Festival Again!

The Nagaoka Fireworks is well known for their large fireworks display originating from Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It will be displayed at the 19th Annual Honolulu Festival. Never Don’t miss this chance! [ See More ]


Featuring the Indigenous Ainu People of Northern Japan

We are proud to introduce the Ainu art and culture which have been inherited by the Ainu people. [ See More ]


Free Golf Lesson by Brian Mogg!

We will have a One Point Golf Lesson by Brian Mogg, Professional Golf Coach to PGA and LPGA Golfers. [ See More ]


Remembering 3/11 The Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

We are preparing for some special events, relating to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on Saturday, March 2, 2013. [ See More ]


19th Annual Honolulu Festival Press Conference

The 19th Annual Honolulu Festival Kick Off Press Conference was held this morning at 10:30 am at Waikiki Beach Walk. [ See More ]


The Friendship Gala Tickets are Available Online!

The Friendship Gala is an exciting event featuring wonderful cuisine of Roy’s Hawaii Kai, Chef Mavro, Mariposa and many other famous restaurants. Come and enjoy food and cultural performances from all over the world. [ See More ]


Admission is free for all visitors! Film Festival!

The inspirational Japanese movies will be shown at Hawaii Convention Center on Saturday March 2 and Sunday March 3. Admission is Free! [ See More ]