The 27th Honolulu Festival will take place on March 12-14, 2021


Educational Program_2014(20th) Report

So Many Participants! Foster Future “Educational Program”

A lot of people are participating in the 21st Honolulu Festival educational program of “Educational School Tours”. We are expecting over 1,300 participants this year! We can see that people are anticipating a greater educational experience to the Honolulu Festival.   Honolulu Festival is offering an educational place and opportunity to children in school and the Hawai’i community. >>>Click for Detail “About Educational Program”   “Maui Mikoshi Design Contest” was one of the most exciting Honolulu Festival events. Among all the brilliant participants, Maui High School won the 12th Maui Mikoshi Design Contest. Their mikoshi will be unveiled on the second day of the festival and the students will carry it during the Waikiki Grand Parade on the third day. >>> Click for Detail


New Year Event! We Exhibited Honolulu Festival Booth at the “Ohana Festival”.

Ohana Festival was held at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i on Sunday, January 11th, 2015. A lot of Japanese traditions and cultures were introduced in the Ohana Festival, which made it popular even among locals. The guests were able to enjoy from the Japanese Taiko (Drum) and dance show on the stage, as well as various displays and sales of the traditional craft works. Besides these events, many guests also enjoyed the Japanese local specialties, food booth and Sado (tea Party) during the festival. The festival was a great success this year. The Foundation of Honolulu Festival, a sponsor of the Ohana Festival also exhibited a booth this year. We handed out Honolulu Festival flyers, official calendar and hand towel that can be folded into a Happi (Japanese festival costume). We would like to express our gratitude sincerely to those who gave us cheers and supports as well as their acknowledgement and generous donations. Thank you very much for all your help! Our heart will always be fulfilled by the warm feeling and echo of joy from the Honolulu festival. The Honolulu Festival is supported by the donations from everyone. Please kindly support us by using our online donation page. >>>Click for Detail A lot of different Japanese traditions and cultures will be introduced in the Honolulu Festival. Please look forward to this exciting event.

Volunteer_2014(20th) Pickup

Now Accepting Applications for Volunteers!!

The Honolulu Festival Foundation is now accepting volunteer applications for the 21st Annual Honolulu Festival. Each year, there are hundreds of people come and volunteer for the festival. It’s easy to sign-up for volunteer from this website. Yes, we welcome all volunteer candidates! Come & join us as volunteers with your family and/or friends! [ See Details (To Apply)]


【Facebook Campaign】Leave your comment and Win tickets for “Friendship Party”!!

Want to win tickets to this year’s Friendship Gala on March 6, 2015? You and a guest have a chance to experience dynamic cultural performances while sampling delicious cuisine from Hawaii’s premier restaurants. Tickets normally cost $90 per person. Rules are simple. Leave one comment on the Official Facebook Page’s post (link below) confirming your contest participation. 【English】 Honolulu Festival 【Japanese】What’s New! ホノルルフェスティバル   The contest will end on February 16, and the winners will be chosen at random and announced by February 25 via Facebook message. For more information about Friendship Party, visit HERE. ⇒ This promotion has ended. Thank you for your interest. (2/17/2015)