The 27th Honolulu Festival will take place on March 12-14, 2021



Japan Hawaii Culture Expo: JHCE2015

Japan Hawaii Culture Expo: JHCE2015 will be held by NPO Hawaii Senior Life Enrichment Association (HISLEA) at the 21st Honolulu Festival. HISLEA has displayed exhibition booth for introducing Japanese cultures with the theme of cultural exchange between U.S and Japan since 2011. This year HISLEA will use“Bring Aloha Spirit to the world and Heart of Hospitality to Hawaii” as a theme. Besides this, the Nadeshiko Club, which is a social contribution department that has been supporting victims of the 2011 Tohuku Earthquake in Japan, will also display an exhibition with the main theme of“What we can do from Hawaii 4 years after the earthquake”. Japan Hawaii Culture Expo will be a great opportunity for Japanese and locals to exchange as well as understand the Hawaiian and Japanese cultures while enjoying the event.   Japan Hawaii Culture Expo: JHCE2015 Date: Friday March 6 2015– Sunday March 8 2015. Saturday March 710:00 – 18:00 Exhibition Sunday March 8 10:00 – 15:00 Exhibition Venue: Hawaii Convention Center First Floor Projects: Hawaiian Culture 2The Exhibition of“Hokulea Worldwide Voyage”will be held at the Japan Hawaii Culture Expo. Hokulea is an anicent Polynesian canoe that has been traveling around the world from 2014 until 2017. The exhibition will display the scale model, play video records of voyage and introduce the navigation system that based on star observation, etc. In addition, the exhibition will also hold the handcraft Hokulea project and explain the star observational navagation system to kids. Attractive Hawaii –HTJ Tourism Booth Japanese Culture Japanese Media: Exhibition of“HawaiiHochi” with 100 years of history, the only Japanese daily published newspaper in U.S. Japanese Games: Demo and introductions of Japanese games such as “Igo”, “Syougi”, “Mahjong” and “Hanafuda”. At the Tohoku supporting program, Nadeshiko Club Exhibition will use the theme of“What we can do from Hawaii 4 years after the earthquake” in supporting victims of 2011 Tohoku Earthquake in Japan. The club will display and sell handcrafts at 15 damaged areas of Tohuku as well as introduce the activities held by Nadeshiko Club. Exhibition of“Onagawa Booth”will be displayed with the theme of recovering Onagawa town from the earthquake. This exhibition is displayed and shown with the collaboration of Tohoku supporting group from Chuo University. Exhibitions of“Hina doll”,“Traditional Japanese wedding dresses” and“Photopgraphy of Kimono wearing (Traditional Japanese dresses)”. Others exhibitions such as paper crafting dragonflies and traditional Japanese Caligraphy will be displayed at the craft corner.

Parade_2014(20th) Report

Applications for Stage/Parade Performance have been closed

Thank you for your interest in performing on stage/in Grand Parade in 21st Honolulu Festival. We have received an overwhelming response and we are unfortunately unable to accept additional applications.  We look forward to offer dynamic cultural performances, so please come and join as an audience!!

Educational Program_2014(20th) Report

Applications for “the Educational Tour” event have been closed

Thank you for your interest in the Educational Tour Behind the Scenes event on March 6. We have received an overwhelming response from the various schools throughout Oahu and we are unfortunately unable to accept additional reservations.  We look forward to offer the students a special opportunity to experience first hand the various traditions and cultures from countries throughout the Pacific Rim.

Educational Program_2014(20th) Report

So Many Participants! Foster Future “Educational Program”

A lot of people are participating in the 21st Honolulu Festival educational program of “Educational School Tours”. We are expecting over 1,300 participants this year! We can see that people are anticipating a greater educational experience to the Honolulu Festival.   Honolulu Festival is offering an educational place and opportunity to children in school and the Hawai’i community. >>>Click for Detail “About Educational Program”   “Maui Mikoshi Design Contest” was one of the most exciting Honolulu Festival events. Among all the brilliant participants, Maui High School won the 12th Maui Mikoshi Design Contest. Their mikoshi will be unveiled on the second day of the festival and the students will carry it during the Waikiki Grand Parade on the third day. >>> Click for Detail


New Year Event! We Exhibited Honolulu Festival Booth at the “Ohana Festival”.

Ohana Festival was held at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i on Sunday, January 11th, 2015. A lot of Japanese traditions and cultures were introduced in the Ohana Festival, which made it popular even among locals. The guests were able to enjoy from the Japanese Taiko (Drum) and dance show on the stage, as well as various displays and sales of the traditional craft works. Besides these events, many guests also enjoyed the Japanese local specialties, food booth and Sado (tea Party) during the festival. The festival was a great success this year. The Foundation of Honolulu Festival, a sponsor of the Ohana Festival also exhibited a booth this year. We handed out Honolulu Festival flyers, official calendar and hand towel that can be folded into a Happi (Japanese festival costume). We would like to express our gratitude sincerely to those who gave us cheers and supports as well as their acknowledgement and generous donations. Thank you very much for all your help! Our heart will always be fulfilled by the warm feeling and echo of joy from the Honolulu festival. The Honolulu Festival is supported by the donations from everyone. Please kindly support us by using our online donation page. >>>Click for Detail A lot of different Japanese traditions and cultures will be introduced in the Honolulu Festival. Please look forward to this exciting event.


【Facebook Campaign】Leave your comment and Win tickets for “Friendship Party”!!

Want to win tickets to this year’s Friendship Gala on March 6, 2015? You and a guest have a chance to experience dynamic cultural performances while sampling delicious cuisine from Hawaii’s premier restaurants. Tickets normally cost $90 per person. Rules are simple. Leave one comment on the Official Facebook Page’s post (link below) confirming your contest participation. 【English】 Honolulu Festival 【Japanese】What’s New! ホノルルフェスティバル   The contest will end on February 16, and the winners will be chosen at random and announced by February 25 via Facebook message. For more information about Friendship Party, visit HERE. ⇒ This promotion has ended. Thank you for your interest. (2/17/2015)


Maui High School Wins the 12th Annual Maui Mikoshi Design Contest!

The students of Maui High School are the winners of this year’s Honolulu Festival Maui Mikoshi Design Contest. Their mikoshi will be unveiled at the Hawaii Convention Center on Saturday, March 7, 2014, and then the students will carry it in the Waikiki Grand Parade along Kalakaua Avenue on Sunday, March 8, 2015. This year’s festival sub-themeis “Creating Cultural Friendship with Aloha”, which led students to brainstorm many symbols that represented many forms of cultural friendship that connects the world. Histories of Hawaiian and Japanese culture inspired them to create a whole idea of what connected both cultures together. The blue skies on the roof of the mikoshi show white, shifting clouds. Like clouds,people change with experiences and make their way through life.Hanging off our sky roof are different countries’ flags displayed as a sign of comradery each country has given to each other. On the center of our roof, the emblem of a blue jay can be seen. A highly social bird, the blue jay shares resemblance to people of our community. The top piece consists of a pig in a grass skirt. The grass skirt is part of a traditional Hawaiian hula outfit. Hula is often used as a warm welcome to tourists to our islands. Hula can also show the Aloha spirit of the people of Hawaii. The blooming hibiscus flowers and the rocky pillars show the geographical surface of our world. The vines represents the relationships that links us together. The fence, which is created by two torches each side, represents the Hawaiian Islands.Torches can be found in lu’aus, local restaurants, and walkways, lighting up the path for everyone. The flames of the torch represents the light in the hearts of the Hawaiian people. The walls pictured as sliding doors, portrays the ideas of welcoming and invitation through features of Japan and Hawaii. The front wall (Shoji: Japanese sliding door) depicts a sakura tree extending to the left wall. The back wall (western-styled door) depicts a coconut tree extending to the right wall. The sakura or cherry blossoms were given from Japan to the United States as a gift. These doors act as entrances that express Hawaii and Japan’s opened-mindedness to new ideas and cultures. Altogether, these walls establish a compassionate link between different cultures.      The banner represents the many flowers of different countries. Each of the flowers together shows the different cultures from different countries coming together like a bouquet. It shows how cultures blend together and complement each other while still being different and unique in their own ways. In addition to that, the bell on top represents the chimes of each culture and how they come together to make one beautiful and unique sound. The veranda represents the two national birds of Japan and Hawaii. The Japanese crane symbolizes luck, longevity, and fidelity while the Hawaiian goose, also known as the Nene, symbolizes initiative. Even though the birds look different, both are rare birds that are only native to the countries they represent which exhibits the connection Japan and Hawaii has with each other. The time they spent as a club, working to create this design, is a time  will always cherish. They sincerely thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts for giving them this opportunity. They hope that in the future they will experience these enjoyable moments once again. Maui Mikoshi Unveiling Ceremony [ Date ] Saturday, March 7, 2015 (time TBA) [ Venue ] Hawaii Convention Center  


The 20th Annual Honolulu Festival “Share Your Voice” Project

“Share Your Voice Project” – a collaborative educational project between the Honolulu Festival Foundation and Kapiolani Community College took place during the 20th Annual Honolulu Festival.


Special Event – Company Aloha Shirt Exhibition Contest

This year we presented a special event called “Company Aloha Shirt Exhibition Contest” in the 20h Anniversary Honolulu Festival at the Hawaii Convention Center.


Time Capsule Ceremony, Time Capsule Has Been Opened!

Ten years ago, students who participated in the Honolulu Festival put their messages to the future into the time capsule. This year, which marks the 20th anniversary of the festival, we held the Time Capsule Ceremony to open it. [ See More ]