25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019

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nishikigoi_show2011 News

Honolulu Festival to Support biggest Koi Show in Hawaii

We support the 4th Annual International Aloha Koi Show which is the biggest koi show in Hawaii. The Koi Show w […]

sanshin News

The Sanshin of a thousand people at the Grand Parade

Okinawan musical instrument, Sanshin players can be a part of the 17th Honolulu Festival Grand Parade! We want […]

yosakoi2010 News

Let’s all dance! Yosakoi Hawaii Dance Program

Participate in a new cultural experience! Come and dance the Yosakoi, Japanese Matsuri dance, with the popular […]

hawaiimag_giveaway News

Win a Trip to the 2011 Honolulu Festival!

HAWAII Magazine is giving away a free trip to the 2011 Honolulu Festival, March 11-13! Enter to win a 4-night […]

daija Pickup

Join Us in the Parade!

We welcome any children and all adults who wish to participate in the Grand Parade with the Honolulu Daijayama […]

volunteer_in News

Now Accepting Applications for Volunteers!

The Honolulu Festival Foundation is now accepting volunteer applications for the 17th Annual Honolulu Festival […]

nagaoka_s News

Special Interview | Nagaoka Fireworks

The Nagaoka Fireworks from Niigata, Japan will be displayed at the 17th Annual Honolulu Festival. We are happy […]

school_tour News

Aloha Teachers! Join our Educational School Tours!

We would like to invite your school’s students to take part in a unique educational school tours “ […]

tenchijin News

Nagaoka Fireworks to light up the skies of Waikiki for the 17th Annual Honolulu Festival

Nagaoka Fireworks display from Niigata Prefecture will be presented at the 17th Annual Honolulu Festival, to b […]

daija02 News

We can not wait until the next years Festival!

Each year the relationship of Honolulu Festival and Omuta Daijayama has become stronger … [ See More ]