25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019

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Honolulu Festival Foundation has announced the sub theme!

We are very excited to announce its sub theme for the 18th Annual Honolulu Festival, “Bonding together, […]

nagaoka_wide News

The much anticipated Nagaoka Fireworks will light up the skies of Waikiki for the 18th Annual Honolulu Festival!

We are proud to announce, the Nagaoka Hanabi (Fireworks) from Niigata, Japan will be displayed at the 2012 Hon […]


The New Dates for the 18th Annual Honolulu Festival

The 18th Annual Honolulu Festival had been originally planned for March 16-18, 2012, however we have decided t […]

kcc News

Share Your Voice Project with Kapi’olani Community College

The 17th Annual Honolulu Festival joined force with the students of Kapi’olani Community College (KCC) f […]

winner2011_01 News

Congratulations! Grand Prize Winners!

Many people attending the 17th Annual Honolulu Festival filled in their drawing forms hoping to win the Grand […]

musicfest Report

Honolulu Festival Report – 6

The Hawaii Music Festivals were held as a segment of the Honolulu Festival. The schools that participated in t […]

peace_dance Report

Honolulu Festival Report – 5

A dream come true collaborative event was actualized! Three indigenous groups joined forces to introduce their […]

www.honolulufestival.com en whatsnew 2011 03 29 honolulu festival report 4 Report

Honolulu Festival Report – 4

The Honolulu Festival Educational Tours is a good chance for the children of Hawaii to experience many culture […]

www.honolulufestival.com en whatsnew 2011 03 28 honolulu festival report 3 Report

Honolulu Festival Report – 3

The Friendship Gala is an exciting event featuring cultural performances and a great event for the gourmet of […]

www.honolulufestival.com en whatsnew 2011 03 25 honolulu festival report 2 Report

Honolulu Festival Report – 2

The Grand Parade was held in Waikik. It exceeded expectations with a colorful array of performances from many […]