26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020

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Maui High School Wins the 14th Annual Maui Mikoshi Design Contest!

Maui Mikoshi The students of Maui High School are the winners of this year’s Honolulu Festival Maui Mikoshi Design Contest. Their mikoshi will be unveiled at the Hawaii Convention Center on Saturday, March 11, 2017. The students will carry it in the Grand Parade along Kalakaua Avenue on Sunday, March 12, 2017. This year’s festival sub-theme is “Cultural Harmony, Journey to peace”, which led students to brainstorm many symbols that represented many forms of cultural friendship that connects the world.   Maui Mikoshi Unveiling Ceremony [ Date ] Saturday, March 11, 2017 (time TBA) [ Venue ] Hawaii Convention Center     Mikoshi Banner & Veranda Mikoshi Pillars & Fence Mikoshi Roof & Emblem   Mikoshi Topper & Flag Mikoshi Walls


Inspiring Story of Sugihara Chiune -Visas for Life-

The film Persona Non Grata, depicts the life of Chiune Sugihara, who is referred to as the “Japanese Schindler” that saved thousands of Jewish lives from the Nazi persecution during World War II. Despite of it, his fateful decision led to disobeying the Japanese government. The Honolulu Festival is proud to present the life of Chiune Sugihara and the involvement of the Japan Travel Bureau, which led Jewish refugees to escape by ships. We hope to bring light to this important piece of history to promote global peace and harmony. Guest Speaker: Akira Kitade ©2015 “PERSONA NON GRATA” FILM PARTNERS Date: 3/11 (Sat), 3/12 (Sun) Time: 12:00-13:00 Place: Hawaii Convention Center #310 The Film: Persona Non Grata Date: 3/11 (Sat), 3/12 (Sun) Time: 13:00-15:30 Place: Hawaii Convention Center #310 Click here to see more information »


Our application form for vendors and performers is now available

All applications were closed on 2/23 Would you like to be a part of the Honolulu Festival? Our application form for vendors and performers is now available below. For Japanese inquiries, please click here   Performers (Stage Performance/Grand Parade) Stage Performance The Stage Performance will be held at various places in Honolulu including the Hawaii Convention and Ala Moana Center. This is an event which you can interact and enjoy dancing with the performers on and off the stage.   Grand Parade The Hawaii’s greatest parade will be held on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki, where various performances will be presented for about 3 hours. This is the final event of the Honolulu Festival which will reach its climax. Performer’s application form for the Stage Performance and Grand Parade is available below. Application Form (in English) Application Form (in Japanese)   Vendor Booth The Craft Fair is a place where various cultural exhibitions and demonstrations will take place at the Hawaii Convention Center. There will be over 100 vendor booths that are available. This is an event that offers cultural exchange through many arts and cultures which goes beyond the language barrier. Vendor’s application form is available below. Application Form (in English) Application Form (in Japanese)   We are waiting for your application.   Related Article: Three major reasons to participate in the Honolulu Festival    


The Newsletter for the Honolulu Festival 2017 has been Released!

Online newsletter “Honolulu Festival Newsletter” has been released. We will deliver the latest information through our online newsletter regarding the upcoming 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival. It will be delivered once a month so please don’t forget to subscribe. Subscription of the Honolulu Festival online newsletter https://www.honolulufestival.com/maga/?p=subscribe&id=1 a greeting from the Director of Honolulu Festival Foundation, Tsukasa Harufuku.

Our Brochure for the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival is now uploaded

We recently completed our brochure for the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival which the events schedule is listed. Also, it features messages from various participants. Currently, we are preparing for tons of exciting events. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s festival. Brochure front/back[PDF3.1MB] Brochure content [PDF3.0MB]     *Unauthorized secondary use, copying and replication of the contents, text and images are strictly prohibited. All Rights Reserved.  

The Winners are Announced for the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival Art Contest

The 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival Art Contest was held in June of 2016. We received a total of 35 artworks. The winners were decided for the respective categories by votes from our Facebook page and the members of the Honolulu Festival Committee. Kuni Yamamoto, who is the president and art director of Clarence Lee Design & Associates participated in the vote as well. Our initial release date was set for February of 2017 however, it was preponed to this year due to advanced schedule of various publications of our advertising mediums. We appreciate for your understanding and cooperation. Click here to see the winners of the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival Art Contest

The documentary, “behind the scenes” at the Honolulu Festival 2016!

We made a documentary on the Honolulu Festival for the first time! It features performers such as Taikokozo, Tokyo Visual Arts and Akita Kanto Festival. This documentary focuses on this year’s performance and behind the scenes of each performing group. It depicts performer’s devoted effort and their passion for the festival. If you are considering participating onstage or the parade at the Honolulu Festival, we highly recommend watching our documentary. The duration time is 16 minutes. Click here for Youtube Clip

≪All 10 series of highlight reports from the 22nd annual Honolulu Festival are now released!≫

We have released ten series of highlights from the Honolulu Festival. Please see the links below for each article. You can fully understand after reading all highlights ! 【1】Educational School Tour 【2】2016 Ohana Award – A tribute to the long-term contribution from Participants 【3】Frendship Gala 【4】Stage Performances 【5】Craft Fair 【6】Movies 【7】Musical「Peace On Your Wings-」 【8】Symposium “Japanese in Hawai’i: From the plantation to Pearl Harbor to peace” 【9】Grand Parade 【10】Nagaoka Fireworks Show


The musical “Peace On Your Wings” Report

We interviewed Jenny Taira-san(Executive & Co-Artistic Director), Cari Taira(Stage Director) and performers of the Academy “Ohana Arts”. Please take a look! The musical “Peace On Your Wings” Report>>>


Announcing Grand Parade Schedule!

We are announcing the schedule for grand parade, which will be held on March 13 at Kalakaua Avenue! Click Here for the Details>>> *All may be subject to change without further notice.