26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020

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Ryoko Sakamaki

The Winners are Announced for the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival Art Contest

The 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival Art Contest was held in June of 2016. We received a total of 35 artworks. The winners were decided for the respective categories by votes from our Facebook page and the members of the Honolulu Festival Committee. Kuni Yamamoto, who is the president and art director of Clarence Lee Design & Associates participated in the vote as well. Our initial release date was set for February of 2017 however, it was preponed to this year due to advanced schedule of various publications of our advertising mediums. We appreciate for your understanding and cooperation. Click here to see the winners of the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival […]


The documentary, “behind the scenes” at the Honolulu Festival 2016!

We made a documentary on the Honolulu Festival for the first time! It features performers such as Taikokozo, Tokyo Visual Arts and Akita Kanto Festival. This documentary focuses on this year’s performance and behind the scenes of each performing group. It depicts performer’s devoted effort and their passion for the festival. If you are considering participating onstage or the parade at the Honolulu Festival, we highly recommend watching our documentary. The duration time is 16 minutes. Click here for Youtube Clip


≪All 10 series of highlight reports from the 22nd annual Honolulu Festival are now released!≫

We have released ten series of highlights from the Honolulu Festival. Please see the links below for each article. You can fully understand after reading all highlights ! 【1】Educational School Tour 【2】2016 Ohana Award – A tribute to the long-term contribution from Participants 【3】Frendship Gala 【4】Stage Performances 【5】Craft Fair 【6】Movies 【7】Musical「Peace On Your Wings-」 【8】Symposium “Japanese in Hawai’i: From the plantation to Pearl Harbor to peace” 【9】Grand Parade 【10】Nagaoka Fireworks Show

peace08 Report

The musical “Peace On Your Wings” Report

We interviewed Jenny Taira-san(Executive & Co-Artistic Director), Cari Taira(Stage Director) and performers of the Academy “Ohana Arts”. Please take a look! The musical “Peace On Your Wings” Report>>>

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Announcing Grand Parade Schedule!

We are announcing the schedule for grand parade, which will be held on March 13 at Kalakaua Avenue! Click Here for the Details>>> *All may be subject to change without further notice.

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Announcing Stage Performance Schedule!

We are announcing the schedule for stage performances, which will be held for 2 days on March 12 and 13 at Ala Moana Center, Waikiki Beach Walk and Hawaii Convention Center! Click Here for the Details>>> *All events may be subject to change without further notice.

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【Campaign】Win tickets for “Friendship Party”!!

Want to win tickets to this year’s Friendship Gala on March 11, 2016. You and a guest have a chance to experience dynamic cultural performances while sampling delicious cuisine from Hawaii’s premier restaurants. Tickets normally cost $90 per person. Apply via following link and make sure write “Friendship party campaign” in the column of the inquiry. 【English】Campaign Application Form 【Japanese】応募のお問い合わせフォーム   The campaign will end on February 22, and the winners will be chosen at random and announced by February 26. For more information about Friendship Party, visit HERE. ⇒ This promotion has ended. Thank you for your interest. (2/22/2016)

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New Year Event! We exhibited Honolulu Festival Booth at the Ohana Festival.

Ohana Festival was held at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i on Sunday, January 10th, 2016. A lot of Japanese traditions and cultures were presented in the Ohana Festival, which made it popular even among locals. The guests were able to enjoy the Japanese Taiko (Drum) and dance performance on the stage, as well as various displays and sales of the traditional craft works. Besides these events, many guests also enjoyed the Japanese local specialties, food booths and Sado (tea ceremony) during the festival. The Festival was another great success this year. The Foundation of Honolulu Festival, the sponsor of the Ohana Festival also exhibited a booth this year. We […]

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Now Accepting Applications for Volunteers!!

The Honolulu Festival Foundation is now accepting volunteer applications for the 22nd Annual Honolulu Festival. Each year, there are hundreds of people come and volunteer for the festival. It’s easy to sign-up for volunteer from this website. Yes, we welcome all volunteer candidates! Come & join us as volunteers with your family and/or friends! [ See Details (To Apply)] >

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Online newsletter has been launched

Online newsletter “Honolulu Festival Newsletter” has been launched. The online newsletter includes our message, the concerns of the people who are involved and the latest information to promote this 22nd event. The newsletter will be issued once a month, so please do not forget to register for a subscription. Subscription of the Honolulu Festival online newsletter https://www.honolulufestival.com/maga/?p=subscribe&id=1 The first issue starts with a greeting from the Director of Honolulu Festival Foundation, Tsukasa Harufuku.