school_t01On Friday, March 5th, the Educational School Tour was held for the local students at the Hawaii Convention Center, where they can observe behind-the-scenes of the Honolulu Festival. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to thoroughly enjoy many festive exhibits and exchange with the performers.

school_t02One of the highlights of the 10th Annual Honolulu Festival was the 150 Anniversary of U.S.-Japan Relations. In the beginning, Commodore Matthew C. Perry  arrived in Japan with his Black Ships in 1853. He signed the Treaty of Peace and Amity between Japan in 1854 which had established the relationship with the U.S. In addition, the 10th Annual Honolulu Festival featured the exhibit of “Commodore  Matthew C. Perry and the Black Ships”.

school_t03In addition, Jeff Chang who is a famous local potter created a time capsule which was made out of ceramic to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Honolulu Festival. During the Educational School Tour, the students left their messages inside a time capsule which is scheduled to be revealed again in 2024. The theme of this project is “Sharing Our Customs and Traditions”. The students wrote and sketched their favorite customs and traditions.