The students of Sonoda Gakuen High School shared what they’ve experienced at the Honolulu Festival 


The students of Sonoda Gakuen High School returned back to Hyogo Prefecture after the 14th Annual Honolulu Festival. They wrote their experiences regarding the festival and shared with us. We feel happy that the students were able to create wonderful memories. We would like to truly thank for showing such a wonderful performance~!!

 Naomi Matsuda

I always loved to dance. I’ve practiced dancing in my school’s dancing class which I enjoyed every time. Therefore, I didn’t struggled with it, but instead I truly enjoyed dancing. We’ve practiced for 5 months which may sound long but it wasn’t for me. Rather, it felt shorter which I felt like our turn was coming so soon.


Before the parade, I was little nervous but when it began, my nervousness was immediately gone. Our teacher told us “Even though we may feel exhausted, let’s dance vigorously with smiles.” However, we were able to smile naturally during our performance.


It takes a lot of practice to dance in front of the audience. Despite of it, I really enjoyed performing in the parade and also, I learned that it is very touching afterwards.  The Honolulu Festival gave us good and unforgettable memories through all of our efforts and practices.

 Saya Ihara

I felt moved like I never felt before at the Honolulu Festival. Before the parade, I wasn’t nervous at all but during our performance, I was very anxious to a point where I almost forgot my steps. Despite of it, I was able to smile and dance without a sense of nervousness because of the warm cheers of the crowds.


There were few times that the music has stopped in the middle of our performance, but we all sang together to handle such problem. I felt our classmates are great which I also felt our strong unity.


During the past 5 months, there were times when I hated practicing in my dancing class because it was repetitive. Despite of it, I really feel glad that nobody gave up and everyone was able to participate at the Honolulu Festival in Hawaii.


Also, the moment we finished performing, I felt good about our past efforts. I think I was able to give my best performance so far. I really feel great that I was able to participate at the Honolulu Festival. Honolulu is awesome☆!

 Mai Michiwaki

I’m very bad at dancing, so to be honest, I didn’t like it. Right after I turned sophomore, the dancing class was offered. At first, I was reluctant to dance in class but eventually, I got used to dancing which I began to feel joy in it. Also, our practice became official in preparing for the Honolulu Festival. I remember when I learned our first dance, I was able to memorize the steps, yet I couldn’t match them to a song. However, as I kept practicing with various songs, my body began to memorize in my first attempt. At times, I was failing and crying during practice. Despite of it, I was supported by my friends so I didn’t give up on dancing.


We practiced about 2 times with all of the members so I really felt nervous. However, my nervousness was gone after I started dancing to the first song. Also, the spectators were cheering and enjoying dancing as well.  I was able to give my best performance by showing what I’ve learned in practice. In addition, there was an incident where the music has stopped playing in the middle of our performance, but all of us sand and enjoyed dancing as if our tiredness was long gone.


The spectators along the roadside excited the parade by saying “Aloha!” and cheering “ganbare (do your best)”. Our performance went by so fast which I felt like I can dance more and I want to dance. By the time when reached to the parade’s ending point, I really felt good about joining the Honolulu Festival from the bottom of my heart. After the parade, various people came to talk and take pictures with me which I felt like I was a celebrity. I never felt this way so I was happy. The Honolulu Festival became one of my unforgettable memories.

 Shiho Hatano

The Honolulu Festival became a great memory. We officially began preparing for the festival since our second term of sophomore years. I learn that it takes effort to dance in unison and also, I learned the joy of dancing. We had lots of good times and bad times but all were meant for us to dance at the Honolulu Festival.


During the day of the parade, we weren’t in our best condition. Despite of it, we were still able to cooperate with each other and became as one in which our dance was successful.There was an incident where the music stopped playing and we had to run the streets but the song naturally came out from our mouth. I thought this is the moment where everyone was truly united.


After our performance, we very much felt moved and accomplished.I was able to experience lots of things through this festival. It was really enjoying.  Sonoda Gakuen is awesome!!