One by one, the yellow school bus arrived in front of the Hawaii Convention Center. The students were led by their teachers as the doors opened. There were a total of 971 students from 12 schools which include elementary, junior high, high school and special school. The students visited various booths held by the participating groups inside the venue where performances and lectures were taking place.

The students watched each performance with their shining eyes and asked many questions during the lecture. Some of the participating schools are already encouraging the students to study and learn about the foreign cultures and languages in class, which they were actively engaged in cultural exchange. Also, Mr. Richard Yasukochi who is the Chairman of the Honolulu Daijayama explained about the Japanese ogre which the elementary students asked whether there are good and bad ogres. It was such a peaceful atmosphere where there were many questions and answers. Also, the children looked anticipated to see the Honolulu Daijayama that fires the firework during the Grand Parade.

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