15th Annual Honolulu Festival (2009)

15th Annual Honolulu Festival (2009)

The Anime Ambassador, Doraemon Came to Hawaii!

sub_d1Doraemon is a main character from one of the famous  Japanese which is also recognized as the Anime Ambassador of Japan by the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Japan which came to the Honolulu Festival.

The Honolulu Festival was held for 2-days on Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15 which the events began at the Hawaii Convention Center, where the mascot of Doraemon welcomed the visitors by the entrance. They were happy which many children gathered around. Also, Doraemon was waving hands and taking pictures with them.

Furthermore, there was a film screening area for the movie Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaurs 2006, where a lot of families and anime lovers gathered before it began. The audience were applauding and taking pictures when the mascot of Doraemon appeared during the welcome message. The guests from the Craft Fair were in the same venue and stopped to watch the movie which they were fascinated by the story.

It is true that every Japanese person knows about Doraemon. However, some of the local children were clueless which they became a fan through this event.

Doraemon welcomed the audience before the movie was featured. How exciting to have Doraemon right before our eyes!

Doraemon appeared before the movie began which the audience were excited.

The area was packed during the presentation of Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur 2006-The Movie.

All the seats were full.

The First Maid Cafe at the Honolulu Festival!

sub_m1The Maid Cafe was run by the students from the University of Hawaii with their professor Mr. Jason Chang. It was started as a part of their project to learn about the Japanese culture. Also, they said that they are raising money to visit Japan. The maids greeted their guests by saying “Welcome home, Master” or “Welcome home, Madam”. They also played games and took pictures with them. Sure enough the the Japanese Maid Cafe was recreated during the 2-days of the Honolulu Festival.

The maids took the order and cheerfully made conversation with the guests.

The maid was having a conversation with the guests while she was taking their orders.

The butler played games with the guests.

They were playing a game with a male maid.

I came to help the Maid Cafe as a maid for raising donation to support our university which I’m enjoying very much.
sub_m4Christina- maid at the Maid Cafe
I came to help the Maid Cafe as a maid for raising donation to support our university which I’m enjoying very much. All of our staffs are enjoying as well. It is fun to play games and take pictures with the guests. In addition, I like Japanese anime very much. Also, Haruko Momoi came to visit our Maid Cafe!

A lot of Anime Lovers in Hawaii Have Gathered!

sub_k1Kawaii Kon is a group that consists of anime and video game lovers in Hawaii. Their booth offered manga library and illustration workshop. It was always crowded with the local anime lovers and students. The Japanese anime and video games became internationally known today which are also popular at the Honolulu Festival.

Furthermore, the fans from various countries gathered this year as well. There were people wearing a costume of anime character and they were taking pictures with other guests.

Kawaii Kon members displayed their talents of illustrating anime characters on their PCs.

The members of Kawaii Kon drew an illustration using their computer.

Many children participated in the manga artist workshop.

Many children have gathered by the illustration workshop offered by Kawaii Kon.

I love Japan’s anime. My most favorite right now is Naruto 
sub_k4Christian- member of Kawaii Kon
My older sister used to watch the Japanese anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion which I started watching as well. Currently, I’m one of the members of Kawaii Kon. I love Japanese anime and my most favorite right now is Naruto. It is filled with action and drama which has a nice plot as well. I also like Haruko Momoi since she is energetic and cute. I would like to visit Japan one day.

Momo-i, the Akiba-kei Idol Returns to Hawaii! 

sub_mo3Haruko Momoi, also known as an Akiba-kei idol by the name of “Momo-i” appeared for the second time since last year. Her performance excited the audience with her fans from Japan and Hawaii.

Furthermore, her attractiveness as well as her ability is that she can excite everybody including those who never knew her. There was a scene where the local children came up on stage to dance with her. Also, she came off stage and sang with the audience. Momoi visited the Maid Cafe before her performance, which she also held an autograph session to serve her fans. Her hospitality is one of the reasons of her popularity. This event was a valuable opportunity for the fans of anime to interact with others and experience the Akiba culture.

The fans lined up to get Momoi's autograph.

There was a long queue for the autograph session.

Momoi poses for a picture with her loyal fan who came from Japan to attend the Honolulu Festival.

Momoi took pictures with her fan from Japan.

The children of Hawaii perform with Momoi on stage.

The local children were excited during her performance.

Group picture after the stage performance.

At last, everybody gathered to take a group picture.

【Momoi Halko Interview 】


Haruko Momoi is wonderful as the Anime Ambassador of Japan!
sub_mo6Jayson Chun- Professor at the University of Hawaii/ organizer of the Maid Cafe.
I like Haruko Momoi because she is very energetic individual. She is wonderful as the Anime Ambassador of Japan, who she serves as a bridge between various countries including Japan and the U.S.! We were very pleased that she came to visit our Maid Cafe which my students were very happy. I took my students to watch her performance and they danced together on stage. You can’t experience such an exciting opportunity in the U.S.

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