25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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The Obama Girls danced with ease. The sun shined on stage and the ladies had big smiles on their faces. Special

Feature Interview with Yasunori Maeno of Obama Girls & Obama Boys


The members of Obama Girls & Obama Boys participated at the 15th Annual Honolulu Festival for the first time in 2009. Recently, “Obama for Obama” support group that promotes the city of Obama, Japan is gaining a lot of media attention even in the U.S., since its name is same as the U.S. President, Barrack Obama. We interviewed Yasunori Maeno, who is the representative of Obama Girls & Obama Boys.

The dancers at the Grand Parade on March 15th. The result of all the practices was displayed magnificently. Special

From a Port Town of Toba City, Mie Prefecture to the Honolulu Festival!


The members of Toba City Tourist Association participated at the Honolulu Festival, which will be their sixth time this year. Today, we interviewed the Executive Director, Kenji Komiyama.

keiko04 Special

Feature Interview with Keiko Matsuzaka


Keiko Matsuzaka

manzo04 Special

Feature Interview with Manzo Nomura


Kyogen Master
Manzo Nomura

man03 Special

Feature Interview with Man Nomura


Kyogen Master
Man Nomura

daidengaku_bn Special

Daidengaku & Tenshu Monogatari – Feature Article


The Rare Japanese Performing Arts of the Feudal Japan were Staged in Honolulu.

Each part is fitted into the other parts. Special

The Spiting Fire of the Honolulu Daijayama in the Grand Parade


The Honolulu Daijayama is one of the highlights of the Honolulu Festival. The Hawaii Fukuoka Kenjin Kai gathered 10 volunteers to assemble the head part of the Honolulu Daijayama on Friday morning of March 13 at the Hawaii Convention Center.

stu_s1 Special

The Honolulu Festival is Filled with Young Energy


Nippon Sport Science University Cheerleading Team VORTEX There were a total of 37 members of the cheerleading […]


The Highlights of the 15th Annual Honolulu Festival


*Please be advised this schedule may be subject to change without prior notice. Daidengaku The Daidengaku is a […]

Daidengaku was a collaboration of dancers from Japan and Hawaii. Hawaii Convention Center Festival Stage was packed for this performance. Stage

Stage Performance


There were performances of various cultures held on the Festival Stage at the Hawaii Convention Center. They include the Hawaiian music, hula dance and a live performance by Moana DNA which is a popular band among the locals in Hawaii.